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The Be-All, End-All Solution to Fear of All Kinds

Are you struggling with fear in your life?  So many people come to me with questions around fear—fear of taking the stage, fear around being The Best, fear surrounding the quest for greatness and many, many more. If you’re struggling with fears of your own, I’ve got the solution for you. It’s a simple answer […]

The One Thing You Need to Achieve Greatness in Whatever You Do

When I work with my Mastermind clients, I tell them there’s one thing I want them to achieve in the year we spend working together. I also want this same thing for you – and it has nothing to do with learning what I know. It’s something that will help you look at greats like […]

How to find out what you’re REALLY made of

If you’re a firefighter, it’s your job to run up the stairs of a burning building. These heroes regularly put themselves in demanding situations – and as a result, they know what they’re made of, nearly every single day. After all, when you’re asked to do heroic things, guess what happens? Your true greatness is […]

The Secret to Becoming the Best in the World at Absolutely Anything

I’m going to start this video with a critical question for you: Can you be world class at what you do? Can you be the best in the world? No matter what it is that you want – whether it’s becoming a world-class violinist, the best speaker or the top memorizer – I know with […]

Don’t Get Comfortable—Here’s Why

Did you ever play those games at the carnival where you’re trying to knock down milk bottles with a baseball to win that giant stuffed animal? We all know they make those games nearly impossible, so if you played, you probably lost, too. Maybe the guy running the game gave you a little one-inch stuffed […]

Without This, You’re Completely Unwatchable

There’s one thing that will make you instantly more compelling to your audience. But the funny thing is, whenever this one thing comes into our lives, we can’t wait to get it out. In the video above, I’ll ask you to make a mindset shift, to look at something that may feel like a curse […]

How to Harness the Focus of a Super Bowl Quarterback

Distractions are everywhere today. Texting, Facebook, shiny objects, celebrity headlines, iPhones, the 24-hour news cycle—there are so many things out there vying for our attention. Don’t even get me started on what’s distracting our kids today. But instead of shaking our heads about this phenomenon, let’s do what The Best do in these scenarios: We […]

Why I DON’T change it up for different audiences

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I don’t change up my core content when I’m talking to different audiences. Sure, if I’m talking to a corporate audience versus a room full of teenagers, I may tweak my delivery style. But most of my core content remains the same. Why? Because […]

The One Question I NEVER Want to Hear You Ask

When I decided I wanted to be the best safety in the world, I didn’t ask myself this question. When I decided I wanted to be the best stage performer of my time, I didn’t ask myself this question. JFK didn’t ask this question when he declared we were going to put a man on […]

Why No Coach At All Is Better Than the Wrong Coach

A second-rate coach can’t help you, even if they sincerely want to. Why? Because they simply don’t know what it takes to get to the top. So if you want to be The Best, you need to find a coach whose been there, one who’s surrounded by people they’ve coached to the top, too. In […]