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Even Cutting-Edge Scientists Need the Power of Story

Who do you surround yourself with? Who are the people in your inner circle, who shape your thinking and influence your ideas? Dawn and I attended an event in Utah recently with some amazing cutting-edge scientists, and doctors and researchers on health and longevity, and it prompted two insights I want to share with you: […]

Approaching 2021 with Resilience

As you look back over this last year, I want to encourage you to think a little differently. Early in the year, I asked you to consider the whole decade in front of you. I also challenged you to create a plan for fulfilling on your biggest, most impossible dream over those 10 years. With […]

Checking In While the World Checks Out

A lot of people look forward to the holidays as a chance to check out. I do things a little differently. I use the holidays to check IN. The holidays are the perfect time to revisit your dreams. To take stock of your training. To lead and focus on your vision for the future. AND, […]

How to Deal with Fear So It Can’t Hold You Back

If you ask people what emotions they lived in this past year, I bet fear will come up over and over. So I wasn’t surprised when I got this question from one of the members of my A-Lister Facebook Group: “Bo, has fear ever held you back from getting what you want?” Of course it […]

Finding the Emotional Start of Your Story

I’m the youngest of five kids. I’ve done three marathons. I started my dream business in my 40s. These details may sound simple, but they can become the start of your story. In fact, they can become the guts and the emotional core of a powerful narrative that makes people pay attention. When you find […]

Can Virtual Events Be More Intimate Than Live Ones?

I love being on stage, live, belly to belly with my audience. By the way, I love that phrase, “belly to belly,” because it captures what it’s like to have an absolutely electric connection with your audience. You can literally feel their reactions to your words. You know if they’re with you—or if they’re distracted. […]

Why True Players Have No Options

Are you a pro, or are you an amateur? In other words, are you a Player, or are you a fan? During my recent Virtual Personal Story Power Experience, I shared one of the big differences between the two: Players don’t have options. Fans have all the choices in the world. Now, maybe that doesn’t […]

In Demanding Situations, Do This

I’ve said it before, and I think it’s really fitting, given everything that’s going on right now: We’re here because our ancestors knew how to compete and survive. As human beings, we’re uniquely equipped for demanding situations like this, more so than any other animals on the planet. In times like these, I have some […]

Control This Factor or It Will Control You

Struggling to make progress right now? Or feel like you’re working really hard, but not moving as fast as you could? Check out my video above. You might not be the real roadblock here. Instead, there’s something else that might be holding you back, something that can even create and control YOU—without you realizing it. […]

Are You Telling the Wrong Story?

There’s a question I ask the most dedicated people I work with. They’re in a group we call “The Best”—because that’s what we’re all 100% committed to—and they work with me for at least a year, usually more. I ask them this: “What’s the story you’re living out?” If they’ve created a great story for […]