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How the Power of Sharing Our Most Vulnerable Stories Electrified a Room

I love live events, but maybe not for the reasons you might think. I just hosted a few hundred people for back-to-back Personal Story Power events in La Jolla—and I was absolutely blown away. The event gave me a visceral reminder of the electricity you can create when you get people in a room and […]

An Unexpected Source for a Powerful Personal Story

My goal today is to inspire you. I want to show you exactly what a compelling personal story looks like so you can realize what’s possible when you truly commit. This one comes from my Mastermind member, Kevin Ward. It all starts in a playground on the first day of third grade, when a kid […]

My New Pre-Event Ritual for Maximum Energy and Strength

Being The Best means never being quite satisfied. I’m constantly testing and tweaking my routines to see if I can’t get a little edge. That’s especially true when I’m prepping for a big event, like I’m doing now. I’ve talked about this before: The #1 mistake people make is not preparing. But that’s also your […]

Vulnerability: Are You Doing It Wrong?

“Vulnerability” is a big buzz word these days—and with good reason. When you expose yourself with no pretense, you’re highly watchable. You create a connection that draws your audience in and refuses to let them go. That being said, I see a LOT of people approaching vulnerability all wrong. When you go about it in […]

The Word That Will Launch Your Career

I used to work with a great acting coach who had a lot of famous, high-end movie star clients. (Remember, if you want to be The Best, you have to work with The Best.) He told them that there was ONE word that would define their careers. The funny thing is, I used the OPPOSITE […]

The NFL locker room tip that will explode your business.

Whenever I work with someone—whether it’s during Personal Story Power or through my year-long Mastermind—they always compliment my team. It’s no surprise. When you’ve played football for as long as I have, you understand the importance of surrounding yourself with A-level players. The right team can also help you absolutely explode your business—but you have […]

The Emotional Secret That Unlocks Your Most Powerful Stories and Creates Optimal Health

When you start to tell the most powerful stories of your life, something inevitably happens—emotions come up. Now, this is generally a good thing. Emotions make up the fabric of what it means to be human. Emotions help our audience relate to us, especially when we can re-experience them in the moment. However, many people […]

The #1 Way You Waste Energy Every Day

I invited Ben Hardy, author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, to speak to my elite group, The Best, about some of his incredible principles. Listening to him talk, I realized something: Most of us are wasting our energy on one destructive habit. It will drain the energy out of your day—but it will also suck the […]

Don’t Think of Your Stage Time as a “Performance”

One of the quickest ways to lose your audience is to get up on stage and deliver a performance. That’s not what your audience wants. Each person who watches you on stage wants to feel special, like you’re talking to just them. Like you’re having an intimate conversation. But how can you deliver this intimate […]

Go from an Ordinary Storyteller to an Extraordinary One – Here’s How

What makes the difference between a “good” speaker and an absolutely extraordinary one? By the way, I’m sharing this with you because I know you want more. You don’t want to settle for ordinary. You want to be the Best. And the Best storytellers set themselves apart with one strategy every time they get on […]