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In just 3 days together...

You’ll discover your story, connect with your body and set yourself up for success as a speaker.


The next Personal Story Power event is

May 6-8, 2020 in La Jolla, California

Can't wait until 2020 to get started?

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Come spend 3 days with me, my wife and my team. I will personally help you extract your personal story and turn your life and your body into a magnetic experience for your audience.

In 1969, I made a 20-year commitment to be the best safety in the NFL. In 1984 that dream came true.

When I had my seventh knee surgery, I made another 20-year commitment: To be the best stage performer on earth.

After writing my own play; after being coached by Al Pacino… after performing my one-man play on and off-Broadway 1300 times, that dream came true.

4 years ago, I committed myself to spending the next 20 years of my life fighting to help you. I want to help you find the compelling story in your life and give you the tools to share it with the world.

At my next Personal Story Power event, I’ll have on-hand my team of professionals assisting me in extracting the juiciest, most crucial story in your life and mould it into the kind of story your audience won’t be able to forget.

Seating is always limited because I know the value of one-on-one interactions. This isn’t some huge hotel room with hundreds of seats and rookies coming together. This is an intimate group of less than 100 professionals who are bringing their A-Game. We meet at a small theater and spend 3 long days together going through story-building exercises, movement instruction and vocal coaching.

Bo Eason as a child Bo Eason while playing for the Houston Oilers

Your greatness... your ability to be the absolute best in your field of work... it all comes down to how effectively you can tell your unique story.

“After working with Bo and applying everything he taught, I went ahead and gave a free talk. I executed on everything he showed me and I walked out of there with $15,000. I came in for "the edge", I got much more than that. What happens throughout the process is you begin to find out, at a deeper level, who you are personally.”

O.P. Almaraz
Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“If you want to be unstoppable, you have to have somebody sow into your life who embodies greatness, and can help you renew your mind and think differently. Bo taught me how to hold myself differently and the world responded! I just needed a coach who would be willing to tell me what to do, when to do it and then trust the process. I can't even express what's happened to my life in the last 12 months ... our revenue for our firm has nearly doubled.”

Arwen Becker
Mentor and Owner, Becker Wealth Advisory

“The things I learned from Bo are how to be a better storyteller and get more people on my side immediately when taking the stage and then teach people. If you've ever had to negotiate anything, whether you're a spouse, parent, or a business owner, you need to learn how to tell your story from Bo Eason.”

Jimmy Nelson
Four-time Elite Team Beachbody Coach and Fitness Mentor

During our private 3 days together, you will receive:

  • One-on-One time with my personal team of coaches to help you discover and craft your personal story that your audience won’t be able to forget

  • Hours of time on-stage with me, personally guiding you to improve your presence, your story and your physicality

  • An authentic, welcoming community supporting you to dig deep and open your heart up

  • The confidence (and secret formula I use) to own every stage you walk on, with your truest self, allowing you to magnetically attract the attention and loyalty of your audience

After enrolling, you’ll receive access to Personal Story Power Online. This is my way of giving you a resource that will last long after the event. With hours of video training, you can also use it to prepare before we see each other.

With Personal Story Power Online, you will discover:

  • The mindset needed to fully connect with your audience and how to get in that state every performance, like clockwork. Confidence is self-created. With this training, you’ll understand why it’s your birthright to be on the stage.

  • How to capture your greatest personal stories. You’ll cut past the “dump” stories and find the gems that will keep your audience begging for more.

  • How to use your body intelligently and effectively. I’ll help you link every word of your story to the molecules of your body, allowing you to express your story, through your hips, your hands and your movement. This is exactly the opposite of what our politicians do and you’ll be able to keep the attention of your audience by this alone!

  • The exact rehearsal rituals I do every single time I speak to an audience. Everyone has a will to win, but nobody has the will to rehearse. I’ll teach you the secrets of rehearsing so by the time you’re on stage, you’re fully confident.

These bonuses will help get you prepared before you arrive at the theater, I’ll be sending you two things. The first is a log-in to a 6-Step Program I created to give you the training and “Mindset Upgrade” you’ll need to have this kind of success long-term. All Personal Story Power attendees (whom we refer to as Story Warriors) get this as a gift for taking the initiative to attend the weekend training.

In your online program, you will also see a video and PDF manuscript of my one-man Broadway play “Runt of the Litter.” This is the same play that I performed over 1300 times, getting me my 10,000 hours on the stage quickly … and on my terms.

Finally, I’ll be providing you a journal to help you discover your most impactful story.. I have Mastermind Members in year-long coaching with me that reflect on their workbook every week. If you’re serious about becoming a world-class storyteller, this will be the cornerstone of your story development.

Bo Eason's Personal Story Power Pack product photo
Kevin Ward

Nothing has had a greater impact in my life in the last 5 years than Bo Eason teaching me the power of sharing my own story...and especially inspiring me and showing me the unconquerable power of deciding to be THE BEST.

Kevin Ward, Founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training

“No Admittance. Players Only Beyond This Point.” This event is not for everyone...

When I played for the Houston Oilers, I played with some of the best footballers to ever walk the earth. As the team and I ran out on the field, we passed a sign:

“No Admittance. Players Only Beyond This Point.”

It didn’t matter if you were a movie star or the president of the free world; the only people getting past that sign were the players.

At my Personal Story Power event, I have the same rule. Players Only. You’ve got to come prepared, ready to focus, ready to dig deep. In every single previous event, the crowd has gotten deeply connected with their story. Tears flow from stage. The work isn’t easy, but if you want to be the best, you already knew that. Do not apply to attend if you’re not bringing this level of vulnerability. The stage is sacred; our space is safe, but you’ve got to own it.

I don’t offer the Personal Story Power event very often, and I do this for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that the emotional energy it takes for my team, my wife and myself is taxing. We all bring 100% to every event and need to recover after. If you feel like you’re a good fit and want to come out and do the work, we all will welcome you as family.

Claim your ticket to the next Personal Story Power event and I’ll guarantee that it will be worth every dollar you spend.


The next Personal Story Power event is

May 6-8, 2020 in La Jolla, California

Can't wait until 2020 to get started?

Click here to learn about Bo's Personal Story Power ONLINE program!

“I landed a $17 million account from my seminar last week where I told my story for the first time. This lady had been to my seminar two years ago and never made an appointment. She came back to the seminar again last week and yesterday decided to do business! My largest account in 26 years! Thank you for standing at my shoulder and keeping me strong. I am a walking Bo Eason poster child.”

Jean Ann Dorrell
Senior Financial Security, Inc.

“My business has been taking off this past year and has been fantastic... I have been practicing my techniques and story, and have just felt more and more confident in general while on stage. In this last round of seminars I had 34 households show up to my event and 29 requested appointments. The next day I had 25 households show up…. all 25 signed up for appointments. This is the best I’ve ever done.”

Brad White
Vice President, Epstein and White Retirement Income Solutions

“I’ve shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. I am convinced that Bo Eason is the greatest speaker to grace the stage in decades.”

Brendon Burchard
CEO of Experts Academy & New York Times Bestselling Author

To be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best. It’s my mission to help you. Claim your ticket and I’ll get the 6-step program sent to you so you can start getting ready for the best year of your life.

See you on stage,

— Bo Eason

100% Money Back Guarantee, the way it should be.

The Personal Story Power Event is something that has changed the lives of hundreds of professionals, just like you, and I've been so encouraged by the results. However, it's not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. You've got to be willing to be open, authentic and play full-out with me at the 3-day event.

Here's my guarantee for you — I guarantee I'll give the event my absolute best. That I'll bring in my best trainers and talent, so you can have the highest quality experience possible. If after the first day you don't think the event is right for you, just grab my wife Dawn's ear and let her know. I'll have my team refund 100% of your tuition and no hard feelings.

Pam Hendrickson

Bo really helped me hone my story, hone my reviews were greater, doubled the sales I closed in the room, all because of his ability to draw out my story from a standpoint of authentic connection and influence which is profound. If you have the opportunity to work with Bo, take it, he's the best in the world.

Pam Hendrickson, Founder & Creator of Make, Market, Launch IT