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Harness the Power of Story to Become Such a Powerful Speaker, People Won't Be Able to Look Away ... EVEN ONLINE

Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE 
April 23-25, 2021

Now, More Than Ever, People Are Looking to Make Vital Connections Online 

Join Bo Eason, Story and Leadership Trainer, to discover how the power of your personal story can help you:
  • Build instant trust with your audience, even in a virtual environment like a Zoom meeting or a webinar.
  • Make people sit up and pay attention to you, no matter what else is going on around them.
  • Connect with your audience, even in a time like this, where there’s a ton of static and noise out there.
It all starts with the Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE. Bo has taken his signature, three-day event and transformed it into a world-class virtual experience you can participate in from anywhere in the world.

From the first few minutes, Bo will have you up and moving to engage your physicality and spark new thinking patterns. He’ll use his dynamic teaching style and his interactive exercises will immerse you in the experience of extracting the juiciest, most powerful story of your life and using it to build an audience, a business and a life that you love.

There's only ONE thing separating you from what you want… 

That's mastering your personal story—and presenting it in a way that captivates your audience for as long as you want to hold their attention.

I owe nearly everything in my career to the power of story: my career in the NFL, my success as a Broadway playwright and performer, my career as an in-demand public speaker and even my seven-time bestselling book, There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game.
Today, my mission is to give you the tools critical for discovering, expressing and sharing your personal story with the world so you can write your own ticket in life.
Join me for three days, and I'll show you how to make it happen. My all-star team and I have created a system that will take you, right where you are, and help you extract the juiciest, most crucial story of your life. We’ve turned this into a magnetic virtual event experience that will reach right through your computer screen and grab hold of you for an immersive experience you won’t forget.

Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE

April 23-25, 2021
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During Our 3 Days Together, Here's What to Expect:

Day 1 – Capture Your Personal Story

  • We'll kick it all off by preparing for greatness. That means getting used to this virtual space we’re sharing—and getting your mindset in order.
  •  Then, we'll uncover and capture the most powerful thing you've got: your signature story, shaping it to perfection with interactive exercises that will show you how to make a powerful personal connection with your audience.
  •  Even if you think "I don't have much of a story," I've got news for you: I haven't met one person who I couldn't help uncover that most important, defining moment. Together, we'll make it happen.

Day 2 – Hone Your Physicality

  •  On Day 2, you're going to meet my friend, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, the greatest movement coach in the world. We’re going to get you out of your chair and up on your feet to learn how to bring an electric level of physicality to your personal story.
  •  We're also going to show you how to uncover a new level of physical power and strength that will make you absolutely undeniable to your audiences—whether you’re speaking to them virtually or in person.
  •  I'll also share with you my secret recipe, the six things I do every time I perform, which allow me to show up fully for every presentation from the first second I deliver for my audience. (We’ll even do them together!)
  •  At the end of Day 2, if you play full-out with us (from wherever you’re joining us from!), you'll finish the day as a physical warrior with a heckuva story to tell.

Day 3 – Learn How to Make Money With Your Personal Story

  •  Day 3 is all about learning to make money with your personal story—how to prepare to be The Best. The #1 mistake people make is not preparing. But that's also your greatest advantage. Knowing how to prepare is the differentiating factor that will separate you from everyone else.
  •  I’ll also give you the structure I use with every talk I give, which will give you a simple, rinse-and-repeat formula for weaving story into your speeches, trainings and even your offers. With this formula, you’ll prime people to say “YES!” to working with you, even before you deliver your pitch.

How Bo Has Impacted the Community

"When I was promoting my latest book, I really wanted to deliver my story in a new authentic way. Thanks to Bo, today I use my entire body to reach every single person I’m connecting with, online and off. From presenting on one of my PBS specials, to making regular appearances on Dr. Oz, Bo’s Personal Story Power Event taught me how to present with intimacy, emotion and impact."
Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Bone Broth Expert, Weight Loss & Diet Specialist

“Before working with Bo I was struggling to find my place in the world of health and wellness. Bo showed me the power in delivering and using my story to help thousands of others. I’ve now created one of the only venture backed Functional Medicine startups, raised seven figures, helped dozens of individuals and have built an operating system poised to make Alzheimer’s Disease optional. I’m still working with Bo and am looking forward to setting more audacious goals for my personal and professional life and reaching them in far less time than formerly believed possible.”
Seth Conger, MIOS Health Co-Founder and CEO
“I've learned to weave in stories into pretty much everything I do. I'm always telling stories and finding that that's one of the most powerful ways to really connect with clients and the results professionally has been beyond. Financially, I have two businesses and both of them in 2019 doubled their gross revenue, one of them tripled their bottom line and the other one quadrupled their bottom line. So right there speaks for the value of Bo’s training.”
Margaret Floyd Barry, FNTP RWS CGP
When You Enroll Today, You'll Receive:

1 Virtual Ticket to Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE

Even though we’ll be meeting virtually, you’ll be joined by a committed group of professionals who bring their A-Game and are ready to get serious about mastering their story. Together, we’ll spend three intense days together going through story-building exercises, movement instruction and vocal coaching. 
(Retail Value: $1,497)

Bonus #1: Personal Story Power Online

Use these intimate recordings of all three days of my previous Personal Story Power event to prepare for the event—or to continue your quest to be the Best after the event is over. Everything is packaged for you in an online portal that you can return to the content again and again. 
(Retail Value: $1,297)

Bonus: Storytelling Playbook

Use this six-step program to help you build a solid foundation for your storytelling—and own every room you walk into. The program includes a video and script for my one-man show, Runt of the Litter, so you can use it as a model as you develop your own story. This bonus also includes a hardcover journal for you to capture new distinctions and inspiration as you put together your personal story.
(Retail Value: $797)

Bonus #2: There's No Plan B For Your A-Game Book & Bonus Package

Get your copy of my seven-time best-seller to kickstart your journey with my four-step plan to being the Best in the world at anything you do. You’ll also receive a bonus package that includes a companion action workbook and an online mini-course to help you put the strategies from the book into action. Plus, you’ll also get access to my private A-lister Facebook Group to enjoy the camaraderie and motivation from other Players like you.
(Retail Value: $597)
Total Package Value: $2,294

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An Exclusive Alexander Technique Group Training with Jean-Louis Rodrigue

Movement Director and Acting Coach Jean-Louis Rodrigue has taught the Alexander Technique for 35 years and is a pioneer in its application to theater and film. In addition to being your movement coach for the event, Jean-Louis has coached the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Paul Dano, Keanu Reeves and many more. In this exclusive group coaching lesson, he’ll introduce you to this specialized technique to use your body to breathe new life into your stage presence, whether you’re presenting virtually or in person.
(Retail Value: $497)

Enroll Before August 9 at Midnight 
and Get This Special Bonus

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Personal Story Springboard

Stuck for ideas for a personal story that grabs your audience’s attention and won’t let go? Don’t worry. My team and I use a proven system to help you extract and shape yours during the event. Plus, my Personal Story Springboard bonus will help you get your creative juices flowing before the event. This download includes thought-provoking questions and creativity prompts from me, so you’ll walk in with all the rich material you need to get the most out of your time with me.
(Retail Value: $247)
Your greatness … your ability to be the absolute best in what you do … it all comes down to how effectively you can tell your personal story.
What would it mean to your life and to your business to be an absolutely undeniable force? A person who captivates your audience from the second you start your presentation?

How many new deals could you close? How many new opportunities could you create? How many of those lofty dreams that have been floating around in the back of your head could you finally fulfill on?

You tell me what you want to be world-class at, and I'll show you how to get there during my Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE.

If you're ready to get off the sidelines, get up from your office chair and put in the work, I'll show you how to become an unstoppable force in everything that you do.
Claim your discounted ticket NOW! 
I guarantee that it will be worth every dollar you spend!

Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE

April 23-25, 2021
Total Package: $2,294
YOUR PRICE: $1,497
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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How The Power of Story Has Transformed Bo's Clients

"Bo uses his one-of-a-kind background as an NFL safety turned stage actor turned in-demand motivational speaker to tell us how to be our absolute best selves. If you want the kind of tough love advice that will drive you toward excellence, watch Bo in action."
JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, New York Times Best-Selling Author
"I've shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, and the Dalai Lama. I am convinced that Bo Eason is the greatest speaker to grace the stage in decades."
Brendon Burchard, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Performance Coach
"Bo Eason knows what it means to fulfill on your greatness and be the BEST. In There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game, Bo gives you the play-by-play on how to embrace your obstacles and thrive in the face of any adversity. If you’re looking for a Champion Mindset approach to a better you, this is a must read."
Laila Ali, Former Pro Boxer and Television Personality
"After working with Bo and applying everything he taught, I went ahead and gave a free talk. I executed on everything he showed me and I walked out of there with $15,000. I came in for "the edge", I got much more than that. What happens throughout the process is you begin to find out, at a deeper level, who you are personally."
O.P. Almaraz
"In a little over one year, we'd grown our income from $2,000 to $12,000 to $32,000 per month. We even had a $55,000 day where 3 clients accepted a contract on the same day. This past month we got our first $100,000 contract. But most importantly, Bo has transformed every aspect of my life. He's helped me remember who I am as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. He's unleashed an unstoppable force and a confidence that I forgot I had."
Lisa Pezik 
"My son, Roman, sold $500,000 in one day when he returned from PSPE! Then Roman sold an additional $1.2 million—bringing his total since Bo’s Personal Story Power Event to $1.7 million. He has outsold his broker! The Best part? I have had more conversations and visits from him in the past 14 days than in the past 15 years! Thank you, Team Eason!"
Greg Smith
100% Money-Back Guarantee, The Way It Should Be
The Personal Story Power Virtual LIVE has changed the lives of hundreds of professionals, just like you, and I've been so thrilled by the results they’ve achieved. However, it's not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. You've got to be willing to be open, authentic and play full-out with me (even virtually) at the 3-day event.

Here's my Personal Guarantee to you — I guarantee I'll give the event my absolute best, that I'll bring in my best trainers and talent, so you get the highest quality experience possible. If, after the first day, you don't think the event is right for you, please call 310-804-9162. I'll have my team refund 100% of your tuition with no hard feelings.
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