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If You Have This, You Are Automatically the Leader | Reluctant Leadership

What’s the current state of leadership in our world? Dismal. And there’s one big reason why: We keep choosing the wrong people to lead. Those people who push to the front and wave their hands in the air so they get chosen to lead? Those aren’t the right people to lead. You want to find […]

It’s Not About Doing More in Less Time | Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Want more time in your day? Who wouldn’t love an extra hour to spend on the things that actually matter—like your big, impossible dream? A lot of those time management systems and efficiency gurus get it wrong. It’s not about: Doing more in less time. Waking up an hour earlier every day. (It won’t solve […]

Most Podcast Guests Get This Wrong | Podcast Storytelling

“How did you get here?” “Where did you get the idea for your business?” “Tell everyone about your path up to this point.“ Almost every podcast guest answers some form of this question. Because of who I am and what I do, when I hear the host ask a question like this, what I really […]

“My Story Took Everything to the Next Level” | Business Storytelling

You might not have a leaky gut (or even know what a leaky gut is.) But I know you’ll be moved by the story you’ll hear from Dani Williamson, an integrative nurse practitioner. (I get chills just thinking about it.) As you watch the video, think about how Dani’s story makes you feel. (And share […]

This Story Kept 40 Teenagers from Scrolling Their Phones | Storyteller Tactics

Have you ever tried to get the attention of a teenager with a cell phone? It’s practically an impossible task. And even if you can get their attention, you’ve basically got less than a second to say something interesting before they’re back to scrolling. That’s why I was so impressed when my client, Jeremy Stoker, […]

Audiences Aren’t Ready To Listen To You Until…

“I’m a digital marketer. I don’t see how telling my story has anything to do with my business.“ (Fill in medical practitioner, real estate agent, financial advisor, consultant, or another type of professional business above.) Rather than tell you how any of these professions could leverage story in their business, I’m going to show you—through […]

Your Declaration Will Determine Your Destiny

Here in the U.S., the upcoming Fourth of July holiday means different things to different people. This year, it might mean finally reconnecting with friends and family for an in-person backyard barbecue. Every year, I can’t help but think about the reason we celebrate: the most famous declaration of all, the Declaration of Independence—a document […]

Why Telling Your Story Doesn’t Work

Your story lives and dies by its details. One of my A-Listers, Dave, called this out during the VIP Q&A for my Choose Your Story, Scale Your Business Challenge that I ran in the A-Lister’s Facebook Group. Dave said: “I really would love some tips from Bo. He paints such a clear picture in his […]

You Only Have One Job When Chasing Your Dreams

You might be surprised to hear me say this… But no one is 100% committed every day. (Not even me!) And that’s okay because being 100% committed everyday is not your real job. In fact, it’s not even realistic. Instead, when you’re on your own personal quest to be the Best, you only have one […]

Who’s Dictating Your Personal Story?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again—because it’s so critical to your future: You will succeed or fail based on the stories you tell. (And if you don’t believe me, watch the video above!) But much like the mysterious Wizard of Oz pulling levers behind a curtain, there’s one person who dictates every […]

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