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What Kind of Story Are You Telling Yourself? | Anatomy of a Story

What’s the story of your life? Is it a heroic story? A rags-to-riches story? A love story? A come-from-behind story? And, more importantly, is it YOUR story? Or are you living out someone else’s story? (Most of us don’t even know we’re doing this.) When you own your narrative, you can write your own ticket […]

Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring | Storytelling in Business

If I could give my clients just one thing, it would be this: The ability to write their own ticket in life.  Of course, this means different things to different people. Here’s what it looked like for me: It started in the ashes of my NFL career-ending knee injury with writing and performing in my […]

Why You Need to Own the Physical Expression of You | Body Language for Public Speaking

When you come train with me at Personal Story Power, you’ll hear me talk about concepts like “mastering your physicality” and “becoming a presenter so magnetic, people can’t look away.” For some people, that prompts questions like: What do I do with my hands? Should I walk around on stage? That’s not what owning the […]

Is It Possible to Over-Rehearse? | Public Speaking Skills

“I don’t want to be over-rehearsed. I want to feel free on stage.” That’s something I hear every now and then when I’m training someone. But here’s the truth: To be the Best at what you do, you need to change your relationship to practice and performance. Practice needs to become the center of your […]

This Kid Stole the Show at Personal Story Power (Amazing Stage Presence!)

Why do I dedicate an entire day to mastering your physicality during my Personal Story Power event? Because when you use your body the way Mother Nature intended, you can grab anyone’s attention without saying a single word. Here’s a great example from a special guest who joined me in La Jolla during a recent […]

What Is Personal Story Power Really Like? Preview This Storytelling Event

We do so many things virtually today. But there’s absolutely nothing like standing shoulder-to-shoulder on stage—and in person—with a group of Players dedicated to their dreams. Want a little taste of what it’s like? Join me on stage for a sneak peek at the Personal Story Power Experience in the video above. During my most […]

My Favorite Part of Personal Story Power | Behind the Scenes at My Storytelling Event

Prepare. Perform. Recover. That’s all I do—and that process becomes especially important in a week where my team and I put on my signature storytelling event, Personal Story Power, in La Jolla. Most people think they should focus most of their energy on that second mode, performance. Today, I want to remind you how important […]

Make Your Big, Impossible Dream Come True with This | Building Trust as a Leader

If you’ve got big dreams for yourself, this video is for you. Maybe you want to transition out of your job into owning your own company. Maybe you want to start working with a whole new tier of clients. (Only the Best!) Maybe you want to start your own podcast. Or maybe you’ve got another […]

If You Have This, You Are Automatically the Leader | Reluctant Leadership

What’s the current state of leadership in our world? Dismal. And there’s one big reason why: We keep choosing the wrong people to lead. Those people who push to the front and wave their hands in the air so they get chosen to lead? Those aren’t the right people to lead. You want to find […]

It’s Not About Doing More in Less Time | Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Want more time in your day? Who wouldn’t love an extra hour to spend on the things that actually matter—like your big, impossible dream? A lot of those time management systems and efficiency gurus get it wrong. It’s not about: Doing more in less time. Waking up an hour earlier every day. (It won’t solve […]

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