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Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Forbes magazine released their list of the richest people in the world and at number three was Warren Buffett. Do you know the story about him and speaking?  Well, back in the day Warren Buffett knew the single greatest skill that would bring value to and grow his company was public speaking—to be able to […]

Why You Must Learn to Re-compete

I was asked to write a book and it’s about what it takes to be the best. What are the principles involved with being the best regardless of the discipline you choose?  So I started thinking about one of the chapters and created this word “re-compete”.  I don’t even know if that’s a word but […]

Fall in Love with your Blood, Sweat and Tears

People ask me all the time about my love of football or the theater because I used to play in the NFL and wrote a play that went to Broadway. They assume that I love them and that’s not true.  It’s not that I love football or performing a play. What I love (and what […]

Are You Stepping Out of Bounds?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know my story and that as a kid I wanted to be the best NFL safety in the world. So I trained for 20 years to be that and was drafted in 1984.  I’ll never forget my first game. We were playing a great team full […]

How to Be a Magnetic Storyteller

I get so many questions from people asking how to feel more passionate, or connected, to their story. One of the words I love most is ‘magnetism’. We all want to be magnetic, right? That’s what gets people to pay attention to you. This is my favorite definition of magnetism: He or she who has […]

Trust Your Body

I love working with people who have a background in physicality. Most of us do, unless you’re sedentary. And if you’re not active, go back to a time when you were active. Maybe you were a dancer or a musician or an athlete—go to that place.  The reason this matters is because when you’re speaking, […]

My Top 3 Tips for Developing Your Story

First off, you’ve got to find the story. It’s in your memories. Look at your life between ages 9 and 12. Don’t look for stories that make you proud. Find the moment when there were no answers. Maybe you got cut from Little League or were dumped at the prom. When were you rejected? And […]

Your Passion Follows You

Since I talk a lot about dreams and becoming the best, you ask me a lot about how to find what you’re passionate about. Fair question. But you know what? I never go down that road. I just don’t. I don’t know who made up, “You’ve got to do what you love,” or “You’ve got […]

Once, We Were Oilers

I loved playing in the NFL. Those of you who are familiar with my story know that it was my dream, at age 9, to be a professional football player—to be the best safety in the world. If you don’t know, I was tiny when I was younger. You would not have looked at me, […]

The Will to Win

Where does our drive, our motivation, come from? Have you ever thought about that? I have—a lot. Why do some people stop at nothing to make their dreams come true, while others are good with being average or accepting whatever life hands them. My wife and I explored that topic at my last event. Here’s […]

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