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Your Declaration Will Determine Your Destiny

Here in the U.S., the upcoming Fourth of July holiday means different things to different people. This year, it might mean finally reconnecting with friends and family for an in-person backyard barbecue. Every year, I can’t help but think about the reason we celebrate: the most famous declaration of all, the Declaration of Independence—a document […]

Why Telling Your Story Doesn’t Work

Your story lives and dies by its details. One of my A-Listers, Dave, called this out during the VIP Q&A for my Choose Your Story, Scale Your Business Challenge that I ran in the A-Lister’s Facebook Group. Dave said: “I really would love some tips from Bo. He paints such a clear picture in his […]

You Only Have One Job When Chasing Your Dreams

You might be surprised to hear me say this… But no one is 100% committed every day. (Not even me!) And that’s okay because being 100% committed everyday is not your real job. In fact, it’s not even realistic. Instead, when you’re on your own personal quest to be the Best, you only have one […]

Who’s Dictating Your Personal Story?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again—because it’s so critical to your future: You will succeed or fail based on the stories you tell. (And if you don’t believe me, watch the video above!) But much like the mysterious Wizard of Oz pulling levers behind a curtain, there’s one person who dictates every […]

The #1 Skill You Need to Keep Climbing

You might not be the fastest. You might not be the most “gifted.” You might not be the most connected person in your network. You might not have the most experience in your field (yet!). But none of that really matters, —not when you’re on a quest to be the Best in the world at […]

How to Excel in the Face of Tough Competition

It’s easy to get stuck in the comparison trap. Especially when you’re starting out on your quest to be the Best, it’s tempting to look at other people who are farther along than you and feel intimidated—or even discouraged. Trust me, I know this feeling all too well. When I changed the focus of my […]

Stop Wasting Time and Start Living Your Dream

What’s the absolute worst distraction from your dreams? Facebook? Instagram? Texting? Hours of random TV shows? Eating and drinking mindlessly? The most dangerous distractions are the ones that you don’t know are distracting you. That’s why it’s so important to name your distractions of choice—so you can take ownership of them. This week, I’ll show […]

How Many Years Does It Take to Be the Best?

I’m a little obsessed with being the Best. And when I share that with people, there’s one thing they want to know: “How long does it take to be the Best?” (Watch the video above to hear my answer!) When I share my number, it sometimes knocks the wind out of people. They’re intimidated by […]

Do you want to be the Best or do you want to be happy?

There are more than 60,000 books on Amazon right now with “happiness” in their titles. And Google gets searches in the hundreds of thousands every month for “happiness,” “happy” and “pursuit of happiness.” The only logical conclusion? As human beings, we’re very interested in the idea of being happy. But how does happiness fit in […]

How Do I Know If My Vision Is Good Enough?

I love big, impossible dreams because, when you commit to them, stuff happens—faster than you’d think. Now, when I share this concept, I get a ton of questions, like: “How do I know if my dream is the right one?” “How do I know if this vision I have for myself is good enough?” “How […]

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