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The “Kid” Who Inspired Me to Write My Book (and the Importance of Your Peer Group!)

Your peer group is everything. When you’re competing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Players, it naturally raises the level of your game. In my very first NFL game, I had to guard a guy who had just won an Olympic gold medal in the 4x100m relay. In other words, he was one of the four fastest men […]

How to Keep Going, No Matter What

Every year for Christmas, my dad gave my brother Tony and me a brand new football. We would throw and catch that ball 1,000 times every day for the entire year. Dad had one rule: “Don’t let the ball touch the ground.” It wasn’t a threat, it was a life lesson. That’s because Dad was […]

What’s More Important: Performance or Practice?

Pop quiz: What’s more important? a) Performance b) Practice In other words, which of these two should be the center of your universe, the place where you put 90% of your focus? I’ll reveal my answer in the video—and help you set your course for greatness. Take Action: Now that you know the answer to […]

These Three Steps Have a Habit of Making Your Biggest Dreams Inevitable

How do you achieve your REALLY BIG dreams? I’m talking the “top draft pick in the NFL” dreams. The “I want to dance like Mikhail Baryshnikov,” the “share the stage with Yo-Yo Ma,” the “top consultant who’s in such high demand that people fly you around the world for a single keynote” dreams. You know—the […]

Why You’re Going to Be Off-Course 99% of the Time (And What to Do About It)

Life gets in the way of our dreams. Beyond your basic distractions, you’ve got vacations, family emergencies, unexpected deadlines and more. Sometimes, life just happens. The truth is, once you commit to your dream, you’re going to be off course 99% of the time. Sounds outrageous, I know. But your job isn’t to be on […]

Who’s Influencing Your Personal Story?

You will succeed or fail based on the stories you tell. (If you’re not convinced, watch the video, and I’ll explain why.) Now, when it comes to crafting YOUR story, there’s one person who’s absolutely critical to the process. That person will be the single greatest influence on the story you’re going to share with […]

This Will Keep You Going, Even When the Journey Gets Tough

I’ve never been one to sugarcoat things, so let’s talk turkey: Your journey to becoming the Best is going to be tough. There’s going to be some pain. There’s going to be regret. There are going to be a heap of challenges. So what does it take to keep moving forward, even when you’re smaller […]

How to Be the Best, Even in the Face of Tough Competition

Do you ever feel intimidated? If you’re working in a field where the competition is tough, every day can feel like a challenge. Some days, you might even want to give up. When I decided I wanted to be the best stage performer in the world after my NFL-career-ending knee injury, I had some serious […]

How to Stop Wasting Your Time

12-15 hours a month. That’s nearly TWO full work days. That’s how much time 90% of adult Americans spend on Facebook each month, according to a study from the analytics company, Comscore. Just imagine if you could cut your Facebook time in HALF. You’d get an entire day back every month! What could you accomplish? […]

How Long Does It Really Take to Become the Best?

“How long does it take to be the Best, Bo?” I get that question a lot. And I’ll be honest with you: The answer knocks the wind out of some people. Others think I’m flat-out crazy. In fact, I’m not even going to tell you my answer yet because I want a little more room […]