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Accessing Emotions through Story

When you tell a story you’ve already resolved, there’s no emotion. Actually, that’s not true. You may have resolved your story. You may have some relationship from the past that you’ve resolved through story. That’s still a good story. Why? Before I answer that, let me tell you I’ve had to resolve all the stories […]

The Difference Between Storytelling and Messaging

A lot of people get confused by story and messaging. If you notice, I don’t use the word ‘messaging’. I know you hear it a lot, especially in politics. I think messages are for billboards and fortune cookies. I don’t use them. I use personal stuff. I come from a personal place. I look at […]

Go with Your Gut

One of the themes I come back to a lot on this blog is leadership. I’ve always believed that to truly lead, you’ve got to feel the pulse of the culture you’re in and go the opposite direction. So last year I came across this study that found most Western societies, including ours, are in […]

The Look of Leadership

Something happened to me recently that turned out to be a huge learning moment. If you follow me on the blog or on social, you know my son Axel has a dream of becoming an NFL quarterback so I surround him with the very best coaches to help him fulfill that dream. He has the […]

Why Thinking Is Overrated

We’re going to start to uncover some gold right now. When you work with me, you learn quickly that you don’t have to think because I’m not a much of a thinker. Everything is from the gut. Everything is instinctual. I just think we need less strategy in this world and more instincts. I’ll say […]

The Impact of Storytelling on Your Business

When my speaking career began, I would jet off to some city, get up on stage, deliver my speech, and leave. That was it. I was just taking one speaking fee after another, and leaving 100 people or 500 people or whatever the number was, feeling disappointed because they had no way of taking another […]

How NOT to Start a Story

Storytelling is about co-creation. Whether you’re talking to just a couple of people or thousands, the point of story is to connect. I never talk to a group. I talk to a person. We are in this performance together. That’s what defines every amazing performance I’ve ever seen. The audience is a necessary player in […]

Ask Me Anything

Here is our chance to talk each other directly. If you’ve ever wanted to ask me something that will help you lead the way in every part of your life, now is the time. It’s easy. All you have to do is post your question as a comment below. I’m excited about trying this new […]

Raise the Bar

My son Axel plays basketball and during practices he and his teammates race up and down the court. Axel wins every race because he’s training all the time and constantly working on speed. Well, one day the coach says to him, “Axel, why don’t you let someone else win?” I jumped in and said, “No, […]

Dump the Distractions

I hear this all the time, “Bo, I can’t do what you’re asking me to do because I don’t have your kind of focus or I don’t have your discipline.” And then they just decide they don’t have focus and discipline—and that’s it. The fact of the matter is I don’t have any more focus […]