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Learn how your personal story can impact your business relationships and sales...

By leveraging your powerful personal story, your team will:

Build trust
Build immediate intimacy, rapport and trust in client presentations.
Communicate your company's message
Communicate your company's message in a way that connects on a personal level.
Olympic-level performance
Discover their innate leadership potential to unleash Olympic-level performance.

"There is one simple yet powerful key to creating instantaneous rapport and trust. What if everyone on your team held that key?"

If one wants to be successful in anything, they need to master the narrative of their life. All the leadership and moneymaking ability rests in that narrative, because that is how people will connect to each other. In Rolf Jensen’s bookThe Dream Society, he predicts that the highest-paid person in the first half of this century will be the ‘storyteller,’ and will be valued for his or her ability to produce ‘dreams’ for public consumption.

So, how can you take your life, your achievements and failures and build a story that connects to the hearts of your audience?

We are all looking for other human beings to connect to and stories do that. Think back to the lowest moment in your life; the story you feel shame or embarrassment about, the story you do not want to tell. In that moment you either said, “Hey, I am going to fight; I am going to stay in here,” or you quit. Those were the only two choices. And that’s what we are all looking for: those turning points in life that define who we are.

When someone has the ability to tell that story, people will connect with them; they will trust them and believe that they have some kinship with them, which they do, because we all share a universal theme that transcends lifetimes. If you can master this one skill, you can have the kind of success Jenson talks about.

I’ve helped literally hundreds of people just like you uncover turning points in their life and piece together a story worthy of applause. Everyone has had a unique path through life and if they can get clear on how that path evolved and how to share it in a compelling way, they’ll connect quickly to their prospects, allowing them to be more successful in any profession, especiallysales, leadership and marketing.

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Today's success is built on relationship, authenticity and deep personal connection.

Find the key to your business's success with:

Personal Story Power Keynote

Bo’s internationally acclaimed 1-hour keynote address for your organization will inspire, motivate and educate.

Personal Story Power Workshop

Bo’s rigorous, 3-hour workshop will give your team the tools to craft their winning story and present it powerfully.

Personal Story Power Keynote

Bo Eason’s internationally acclaimed keynote address reveals the 3 key elements of your own compelling personal story -- a story that will enroll and engage, creating instant intimacy and trust.

Bo will share his journey from being the Runt of the Litter to the NFL to Broadway as he shows your people how to convert their own personal story into personal/professional success.

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Personal Story Power Workshop

Bo Eason offers high-octane performances (three hour workshops) which not only inspire and entertain but also give practical take-aways to enhance your company’s bottom line.

In this intense, one to two day session, Bo boils down his over 20,000 hours of stage experience into understandable components your team can easily apply. Bo will coach individuals on your team one-to-one to:

  • Unearth their signature personal story, the one true sentence that will intrigue and engage.
  • Present their personal story with emotion and energy to achieve maximum impact.
  • Apply their personal story in all areas, from engaging potential clients, to inspiring top performance in the workplace.
Have Bo Speak to Your Company

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When we look at the impact we’ve been able to make in supporting our financial advisors, the thing that we track and are always excited about is how we help those advisors grow. What can we do to support and improve their practice in a way that helps them grow? This year our advisors are on pace to do over $500 million more in production than they did last year and Bo is a big part of that growth.

Cody Foster, Founder, Advisors Excel

Bill Proper

We often bring in speakers to inspire our team. But Bo was totally unexpected. He wasn't just another gifted athlete telling great stories. Bo's presentation was electrifying and he actually gave the team some valuable tools they could use with clients the very next day. I'd recommend him to any group that wants to increase motivation and productivity.

Bill Proper, President, 3 Mark Financial, and Co-Founder of Peloton Global

Peter Davis

We have been producing major conventions in the health and fitness space for over 30 years and Bo Eason was the best keynote speaker we have ever had….bar none! He wowed an audience that didn't know who he was and wasn't interested in football but his story and style still knocked their socks off!

Peter Davis, Co-founder & CEO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association

John Bowen

I didn't fully understand the power of storytelling until I started working with Bo Eason. The results that Bo generated in his Perfecting Your Personal Story workshop for our top financial advisor coaching clients to connect emotionally with their clients and prospective clients has been invaluable in accelerating their success. I've had the opportunity to share the stage with Bo on many occasions and I can tell you that there is not a more dynamic and passionate storyteller that gets results anywhere.

John Bowen, CEO of CEG Worldwide

Brian Scudamore

From the moment he stepped on stage to the final moments of his performance of Runt of the Litter, Bo captivated our Franchise Partners' attention. His openness and emotional delivery created a real connection with everyone in the room! His message that everyone has a story resonated and is encouraging our Franchise Partners to discover their own stories. If you're looking for a speaker that will make an impact and inspire your audience with his unbelievable story telling ability, you can't get better than Bo!

Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?