I love big, impossible dreams because, when you commit to them, stuff happens—faster than you'd think.

Now, when I share this concept, I get a ton of questions, like:

“How do I know if my dream is the right one?”
“How do I know if this vision I have for myself is good enough?”
“How can I be sure that this vision is THE vision?”

If you've got questions like this, there's something very simple you can do, something that will help you validate your vision so you can start moving forward.

I'll show you exactly what it is in the video above.

I'll also show you the one thing that will crush your vision before it even gets out of the gate.

In fact, it's pretty much the death of any vision, and you'll want to avoid it at all costs.

Once you watch the video, let me know what you decide to do with your vision below.

Take Action:

Now that you've seen the video, what's your next step? Do you need to make a commitment? Do you need to get more specific? Share what you're going to do next with me by leaving a comment below!