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I Answer Your Toughest Questions About Being the Best

I can always count on my community members to keep me accountable. I did a Q&A in my A-Lister’s Facebook group and those guys asked me some TOUGH questions. I loved it. That might sound a little masochistic, but it fired me up to see my Warrior community demanding the Best of me. They lobbed […]

Why Those TV Screens at the Gym Are a Problem—and Why It Matters, Even If You Don’t Work Out

The first time I walked into the gym near my home, I was immediately struck by how many screens I saw: 24 big-screen TVs near the treadmills. More big screens lined up in front of the stationary bikes. Plus, each of the treadmills and bikes had its own little TV built right into it. It’s […]

Why I Don’t Draw a Hard Line Between My Personal and Professional Life

You might be surprised to discover that there’s a part of my life where I don’t draw any hard lines, and I don’t have any strict boundaries. (This coming from the same guy who will tell you that becoming the Best might cost you a few friendships – and that’s okay.) But I’ve got a […]

A Lesson on Choices from the Most Motivated 12-Year-Old I Know

Life is a series of choices. And when you’re chasing your dream of being the Best, those choices can get tough. Sometimes you have to choose between things like hitting happy hour with a friend or heading home to work on your personal story as you promised yourself you would. I’m gonna be blunt with […]

This “Bad” Word Is the Key to Your Biggest Dreams

No one likes to talk about this word. In a society that gives out participation trophies, it’s practically forbidden. BUT, if you have big dreams, you absolutely need this word in your life. You won’t get anywhere without it. That’s why it’s my favorite word. Discover it in this week’s video. I’ll also show you […]

Why You Need More Obstacles in Your Life

Do you ever wish things were easier? That you had fewer obstacles in your way? I often do. You probably have, too. But it’s a bad idea—especially if you’re interested in going to the top. In fact, this wish can hold you back from achieving almost anything. I’ll explain why in the video. If you […]

Don’t Fear Your Dark Side—Use It

One of my coaches told me something that surprised the heck out of me a few years ago. Now, I know this might be a little controversial, but it’s important, so I want to share it with you: “You need to contribute with your dark side.” I was a little confused at first. Then he […]

Why a Goal—or Even a Mission—Isn’t Enough to Get to the Top

Do you have a mission? A goal? A dream? Look, those are all fine . . . but if you really want to get somewhere significant, if you want to end up at the top, if you want to be the Best, you need something with a little more weight to it. That’s why I […]

Ditch Your Plan B: Two Lessons I Learned from the NFL

I don’t believe in having a Plan B. If I’d had a Plan B, I never would have made it to the NFL. So if you truly want to achieve your crazy, impossible dream, it’s time to throw away your safety net. It’s actually hurting your chances of getting what you want. I’ll show you […]

Why You Should Throw Out Your To-Do List

I hate to-do lists. In fact, I think you should throw yours out. I’m dead serious. If you think I’m kidding—or you’re as frustrated with your to-do list as I was—then watch the above video to see what you need to do next! Here’s the deal: Being the Best is actually about doing LESS, not […]

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