What's the absolute worst distraction from your dreams?

Facebook? Instagram?

Texting? Hours of random TV shows? Eating and drinking mindlessly?

The most dangerous distractions are
the ones that you don’t know are distracting you.

That's why it's so important to name your distractions of choice—so you can take ownership of them.

This week, I'll show you two steps for owning your distractions (no matter what they are!) and making them disappear.

It's all in my video above.

With these two steps, I bet you could get up to two weeks of time back over the course of the next year.

How much progress could you make toward your quest to be the Best with those extra two weeks?!?

This just might be the advantage you've been looking for.

Watch the video above, and let's get started eliminating those distractions.

Take Action:

Take a moment and list all of your distractions, as I suggest in the video. Which one do you fall back on the most?

Name it in the comments below, and tell me how soon you plan to get rid of it. Make a public declaration to help your commitment stick!

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