It's easy to get stuck in the comparison trap.

Especially when you're starting out on your quest to be the Best, it's tempting to look at other people who are farther along than you and feel intimidated—or even discouraged.

Trust me, I know this feeling all too well.

When I changed the focus of my life from being the Best safety in the NFL to being the Best stage performer in the world, there were thousands of people who were light-years ahead of me.

I was starting from zero. What did I know?!?

But I got there, and you can, too.

In this week's video, I'll show you two strategies to keep you climbing to the top, even in the face of fierce competition.

Discover them now in the video above.

Take Action:

Now that you've heard my approach for moving forward in the face of tough competition, I want to hear your plan.

Tell me ONE action you're going to take this week to get you one step closer to becoming the Best in YOUR field.
Share with me in the comments below!

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