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How Do You Prepare to Be Great?

As most of you know, I played in the NFL for five years. I had seven knee surgeries while I played. At the very end, the last play I remember playing was in Miami. We were down there playing with the Dolphins. I was coming up to tackle a guy and the guy was big. […]

How Can You Benefit From a “Prisoner’s” Mindset?

Today let’s talk about prison, one of my favorite subject matters. We’re going to talk about prison. Who do you think has the most power in prison? Who do you think it is? Is it the warden? Is it the guards? Is it the guys who are about to get out next week or next […]

What is the Most Important Quality of a Great Leader?

Today I want to talk about leadership. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a group and somebody raised their hand and said, “Bo, name 3 leaders that you look up to and are inspired by.” And honestly, I was struggling. I could not come up with one leader that I felt inspired […]

How to Be the Best

Today we’re going to separate the thoroughbreds from the regular horses, and that’s what we’re doing out here. That’s the term I heard when I went to this basketball camp. I was 11 years old and my brother went with me. He was 12. We went up up to Northern California to a place called […]

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