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The Biggest New Year’s Resolution Mistake

This is the time of year when we all hear the same thing over and over again. Everybody is completing the past 12 months and they have high hopes for the coming year. They’re creating New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or make more money. I want you to do something completely different. This is […]

My Holiday Mission

You may not believe this, but I am surrounded by 85 Santa Clauses…85. The kids and I, the other day went around the house, this is our home, Dawns and my home. We have three little ones, we went around this house and we counted 85 Santa Clauses. As you might guess, this is one […]

How to overcome your single greatest enemy in life…

“Our enemy is a great teacher.” Dalai Lama said that. “Our enemy is a great teacher.” Okay so let’s talk about our enemy and let’s describe their habits their patterns, who they are, what they are, what they represent, so that we know how to oppose that enemy. All right, everybody ready, here we go. […]

The biggest key to unlocking success as a leader – If you’re not doing this, you WILL fail.

What does your story have to do with being the best? What does your story have to do with your leadership qualities? That’s what we are going to talk about today. Earlier this year, I was over in London, and they brought me to London, they brought 2 people to London. One was me, the […]

How to write your own personal story to attract, lead and inspire.

When I was 9 years old, I drew up a 20-year plan. I had a dream so I drew up a 20-year plan, and that plan was to be the best safety in the whole world. I had 20 years to do it. So I achieved that. In 1984 I became the best safety in […]

How your environment affects your success

I want to talk to you today about environment, your environment. I had a mentor when I was younger, and he taught me one of the most important lessons that I ever learned in my whole life, which I still hold true today. The lesson was this; you must be willing to destroy everything in […]

Throw away “Plan B” for good!

Have you ever heard this term? I hate this term, I hate it, but I heard it a lot growing up, not from my family, but I heard it from other families or teachers or bad coaches and this was the term, “Hey, Bo, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” You ever heard […]

Bulletproof Executive Interview: Being the Runt of the Litter & The Power of Your Personal Story

I had the opportunity to talk with David Asprey on Bulletproof Radio. Discussing the power of dreams, why a dedication and commitment to greatness is your birthright, how to deal with criticism, and the passion I have for sharing your personal story. As a former NFL player, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer, and an international […]

Stop following your passion!

Do you know how the world, like the median, our culture, tends to all the time advertise luxury and ease, as if you are going to graduate, as if you are going to reach some level, and then you are going to have this luxurious life, an easy life. I find that not to be […]

300 Million to 1: Why Success is your Birthright

People always ask me Bo why the best? Why are you always talking about the best? Why all the time? My 9 year old daughter Eloise she came to me the other day and she said, “Dad, why are you always talking about the best? Why do we have to be the best?” I’ll tell […]