I was once giving a speech, it wasn’t long ago, in the last year, and I was telling my story. This guy came up to me after I got off stage, who turns out to be the head of the Harvard Brain Institute. He was a speaker at the event too.

He says, “Bo, excuse me, umm…do you know why you’ve been able to achieve these levels you’ve been able to achieve in seemingly completely different disciplines, like safety in football, and playwriting, and speaking on stage, and writing? Those are completely unrelated disciplines.”  He continues, “Do you know why you’ve been able to achieve the top level in different disciplines?

I said, “Umm…no, I actually don’t know why. I’ve got an idea, but why don’t you tell me.

And he goes, “It’s because you use the words “The Best.” You use the words “The Best” in all your dreams.

So, I’ve had these four dreams in my life. I wanted to be the best safety in the world when I was nine years old, and it happened. I wanted to be the best stage performer in the world. It happened. I wanted to be the best playwright in the world. It happened, with The New York Times calling my play the most powerful play of the last decade.

So those things happened, and then when I wanted to be the best speaker, public speaker in the world, that began happening.

He said, “Because you use the words “The Best”, your brain knows exactly what to do with that information.” He told me if I had said, “Hey, I wanna be kind of a mediocre safety,” my brain wouldn’t have known what to do with that information, so it would do nothing. If I had said, “I wanna be kind of a good stage performer,” my brain wouldn’t have known what to do with that information, therefore it does nothing and lies dormant.

But when you say, “I want to be the best safety in the world” or “I want to be the best stage performer in the world,” your brain knows exactly what to do.

He gave me this statistic, he said, “Do you know the average human being uses 5 percent of their brain capacity? High achievers…high achievers use 20 percent of their brain capacity. Olympic gold medalists use 40 percent of their brain capacity … because mastery is the highest form of intelligence.

So imagine winning the silver medal or the bronze medal. Those people who win those medals are using 20 percent of their brain capacity. That’s a lot. They are accessing a lot. But the person standing on top of the podium, on top of the box with the gold medal around their neck, is using 20 percent more than they are using of their brain capacity.

Because I use the term “The Best“, I want to be The Best at this, my brain rallies the troops, goes to work and brings that into existence in a matter of years or time, regardless of the discipline.  That’s why I use the term “The Best” — to rally the troops. That’s why I use it for you. I use it for you because I want more access to you.

If you want to be the storyteller and the speaker and the presenter and the leader that I see you as, then you have to access 40 percent of your brain capacity. Otherwise, you’re going to be sitting on the podium getting a silver medal, or a bronze medal, and I’m just not interested in that. I just don’t really care about a silver medal. I don’t really care about bronze medalists. And the funny thing about it is, silver medalists and bronze medalists, they don’t care about them either. They didn’t want that. I guarantee you, they didn’t want a bronze, and they didn’t want a silver. They wanted gold. They wanted The Best. The minute those cameras turn off, they take that medal off of their neck and they put it in a black bag in the darkness and they zip that bag up, never to be seen again. Until years later, when their mom, or their wife, or their spouse hangs that medal on the wall. They didn’t want the silver, and they didn’t want the bronze, and that’s how we’re made, and that’s how this community is put together.

This is what I’m building, it’s the only thing I’m interested in building. I’m interested in more of you. I’m interested in more access of your brain capacity. I want 40 percent of your brain, not 20. I want 40, so that your dreams are realized. And I do this selfishly, really, I really do because I look around at leadership and I look around at who’s on stages, and who’s standing at podiums, and who am I seeing on TV, and who are these gurus, and who are these so-called amateurish leaders. I think they’re doing a really bad job, and they’re not giving all of themselves. They’re using 5, 6, 8 percent of their brain capacity and I want 40.

When somebody is on stage, I want to be led by that person. When somebody is speaking to me and leading me, I want to follow. Well there is nobody to follow. This is the reason, we gotta have more of you. You gotta include the word “The Best” in whatever your dream is, so that your brain rallies the troops and we can bring this thing into existence. Now, the expression of you is also the most unique thing, you’re a one time phenomenon.  You are a one time deal. You’re never to be repeated, NEVER.

So think back of the first human that put a foot print on this earth. Different DNA than you. Different voice than you, saw different things. Only you can tell what you’ve got. That’s what I want you to do, I want you to access that. I want you to include the word, “The Best” in everything you do to rally the troops. Go out there surrender to who you already are, which is “The Best“, and I’ll see you next time.