OK, good to be back with you. I know I left you hanging on the last blog post, on the last video post. What we, just to review quickly, what we talked about was our twenty year plans.

We are going to replace our New Year’s resolutions in our next year, with a twenty year plan. So that’s what we talked about. If anybody watching right now, I want you after this video, after you watch it I want you to go back and review the last blog post, the last video blog. It really gives you the depth of me and my kids and our twenty year plans.

Like, this was my first twenty year plan, you guys all remember right, best safety in the world. Here is my next twenty year plan, best stage performer in the world. Here’s Lyla’s plan, five year old Lyla, to be the best ballerina in the world. I gotta feeling that’s a, that’s going to happen.

Here’s Eloise’s, here duct tape remember. Hers is to be a dancer and to be a performer, she’s still working hers out and you will to. These plans, these dreams, these twenty year dreams, they evolve. They’re not like, hey I wrote my little list of dreams and then I never look at this book again. We are looking at these books constantly, developing and evolving our dreams as we go, book after book after book.

This is Axel, my eight year old’s. You guys remember his, he had Michael Jordan in there. You will not out work me Michael Jordan. I’m telling you, if he doesn’t let Michael Jordan out work him, he’s going to be something to be dealt with. So, his dream of being an NFL player and an NBA player, what are the odds of that happening? If Vegas gave you the odds, that would be somewhere around 0.02% something like that, would be the odds of that happening.

But we don’t deal with Vegas. We deal in dreams. We deal in twenty year plans. You give me a dream of where you’re going to hang your hat for twenty years, and I can guarantee you that, that dream is going to happen, that’s just how it works. Unless some catastrophic injury or something like that keeps you from it, but then you’ll to be able to use all of that good will and all of those dreams that you’ve accumulated, all the molecules working for you the universe working for your dreams and your dream will actually be better than the one that you initially dreamed. Because of some kind of accident or because some kind of emergency that hay have happened. Do you understand? That is what we talked about on the last video. My kids and your kids have the where with all to make this come true over the long period.

Kids, people, us parents, we underestimate the kids. We say they don’t have, they can’t pay attention. They want to play video games. Well, they don’t want to play video games, unless that’s their dream. Unless they declare in their dream, in twenty years, I want to be the best video game player in the world. Which, no kid is ever going to dream of that. So, you don’t have to worry about that stuff, it’s going to go out the window. But, you can’t underestimate the power of people’s dreams, and the stamina that one has for their own dreams.

You no longer have to work. I mean you’re going to work hard for your dreams, but it doesn’t seem hard because it’s YOUR dream. What could be better? What else are you going to spend your days doing except making your dreams come true and working towards them?

I left you last time, this is my book for this year, and it’s bigger. I’m going bigger and bigger every time. I left you last time with why The Best, why do we always use that term, The Best? Why do I use it, for all my dreams all my years? Why do my kids use it? The Best why is that term The Best important?

I didn’t know that it was important, but my dad used to wake me up every morning by rubbing my back, ‘cause I told him that I wanted to be the best safety in the world, so he rubbed my back at five am and whispered in my ear, you’re the best in there, and then he’d drop a few expletives. How do you say that word, expletives, cuss words. He would rub my back, tell me I was the best, drop some cuss words, and then I would wake up and go train. So I always had this term, The Best in my DNA as I grew up.

I later found out, that I was on stage, maybe a few years ago, and the head of The Brain Institute at Harvard was this guy, and he was on the stage with me. He was speaking and I was speaking. After he heard my stories, about me desiring to be the best in these different disciplines, these different fields, he came up to me afterwards and he goes, “Bo, do you know why you were able to be the best in the world at these different fields?” and I go, “No, why don’t you tell me.” and he said, “Well it’s because you use the term, The Best.” “If you said to yourself, I have a dream of being the 32 best safety in the world, or I have a dream of being a mediocre stage performer in this world, or I have a dream of being the third place best speaker in the world.

He told me that it’s so unspecific that your brain doesn’t know what to do with that information. Your brain doesn’t know how to win a silver medal or a bronze medal, but it surely knows how to get to work to win a gold medal. That’s why we use the term, The Best. I mean, I didn’t know that was the reason I used it, I just knew that it worked for me.

This guy then told me, the reason that happens is because the average person uses seven percent of their brain capacity. A high achiever uses twenty percent. So, a regular person, average person seven percent of their brain capacity. High achievers, twenty percent of their brain capacity. An Olympic gold medalist, forty percent of their brain capacity is put to use, is activated because you are using the term gold medalist. So, silver medalist, bronze medalist twenty percent of their brain capacity. Gold medalist, forty percent. I want access to your forty percent.

Imagine your brain, the synapsis. I don’t know enough about the brain because I’ve been hit in the head way too many times, but what the scientists tell me is, imagine the specifics of being the best, of being number one, of being the gold medalist, being the world champion. Imagine the synapsis, imagine the energy, imagine the energy in the universe all coming together to help you achieve that. But now, put yourself in a more vague position. In a position like, “You know, I’d kind of like to be a good snowboarder.” or “I’d like to be the gold medalist snowboarder in the Olympics.

Those are two different brain capacities. One is operating at about seven to twenty percent, the other one, the gold medalist is activating forty percent of their brain capacity. That’s what I want, forty percent of your brain capacity. I have to access it. For me to do that, you must declare you want to be the best at A THING in twenty years. Then let’s see what kind of animal we got.

So, the number one reason is, and I wrote these down in my book and I will put them up. I need forty percent of your brain capacity. That’s why we use the term The Best. That’s what I need from you, that’s what I need from my kids. Otherwise, what am I getting? I’m getting like a half baked person who’s trying to avoid pain, and trying to reduce the risk. Well, that’s not the person that’s going to make their dreams come true.

Number two: I need access, so the reason you use the term The Best, is because I need access  I need leverage over you, I need access to your raw animal instincts. If I don’t have that, to make your dreams come true, that’s not for the faint of heart. Right, we’re talking about being the best in the world at a thing. Like Michael Phelps, like Michael Jordan, like Mikhail Baryshnikov,  like Yo-Yo Ma. The best in the world at a thing. I need raw animal instincts from you. That’s why The Best. That’s number two.

Number three: it is your birthright. It’s natural. Your truest obligation, to be The Best. That is your natural birthright, it is your truest obligation, it is our natural disposition to be The Best. The day that you were conceived and some of you have heard me say this before, the day that you were conceived 300 million sperm were released. 300 million all with millions of years of design for one thing, to penetrate that egg, right. You won. You won the race, you won the first race you ever entered, 300 million to one odds, you’re The Best. You are already The Best way before you met me.

Number four: because you drag other people with you. When you declare you want to be The Best over these ten, fifteen, fourteen, eighteen, twenty years people start to come with you and then they see in you, that you can become the best so they become the best. That’s why all these little hot beds of talent are out there all over the world and they all do the same things, because they see somebody committing to being the best making their dreams come true, they come along. You drag people with you.

Also, when you say The Best, when you declare The Best, you eliminate all other options. Here in the West, we are paralyzed by too many options, by too many choices. We need to narrow it to The Best. Not second best. Once we narrow it, we get all that you’ve got, do you understand? We get raw animal instincts, and there’s no Plan B. Because if there’s a Plan B, Plan A ain’t working.

Then number eight, which is really important: because being The Best goes counter to the culture, which places you automatically in the position of true leadership. If you go counter to the culture, which the whole culture is trying to reduce themselves and don’t make too big of a commitment, don’t say The Best because that’s bragging. Don’t do that because you might fall short and hurt your feelings and have your heart broke. No no, we’re going counter to those beliefs which places you automatically in the position of true leadership. You become a leader.

Those are the reasons we want to be The Best. So dig into your plan. Declare what you want to be The Best at. Give yourself twenty years and I promise you, that that thing is going to start to live in your life, not too far in the future. You don’t have to wait twenty years. Within the next year, within the next two years, all of this best, all of this energy is going to serve you.

So forget about your one year plans and your New Year’s resolutions. Think about who you want to be in twenty years, and hang your hat there. That way, we can assure that they come true, OK? Thank you for listening, we’ll see you next time.