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My Secret to a Great Performance

I’m about to perform a play so I’m in here rehearsing. I’m getting turnover—repetition. It’s no different than giving as speech, toast or a presentation in the boardroom. It’s all the same. I rehearse all of that stuff. I memorize what I’m going to say over and over again because repetition is the king. Repetition […]

How to Prepare for the Stage

I’m back in the theater. The theater is really my favorite place to be. Anytime I feel like I need to create something new, I go one of two places—I go to a field, grass field, where I feel a sense of myself and I start to create out there or I come to a […]

Read less, not more

Today, we’re going to talk about books. People are always asking, “Bo, what books do you recommend?” And the truth of the matter is I say, “Not a lot.” Most books are bad. Most books that are written aren’t worth reading. It’s a waste of your time. So I’m very meticulous, I’m very particular on […]

Move Like A Predator

The first thing people say to me – and this happens every time I walk off the stage – they say to me, “Bo, how do you move the way you move on that stage?” Everybody asks that; it’s what they want to know the most. And that can all be summed up in one […]

How to Deal with Stage Fright

Not long ago I sent you a survey asking you to ask me anything. The most frequently asked question had to do with the subject of stage fright. I was a little shocked just because I have a huge amount of stage fright but it’s such a part of my life now that I never really […]

My Secret to Memorizing Stories

Welcome to my office. When people come to see me in my office, they ask a lot of questions and you’re going to see why in just a minute. When you enter my office, it is a place where I want to be creative. I want you to think about this for your own offices. […]

Tell The Story You Want To Tell

One of the first questions that I get, when anybody approaches me, and I get this question all the time, so I want to answer it here on this video. It’s maybe controversial to you. Most people, when they are giving speeches or when they are giving presentations, or even when they’re writing a book […]

How To Increase Brain Capacity From 5% to 40%

I was once giving a speech, it wasn’t long ago, in the last year, and I was telling my story. This guy came up to me after I got off stage, who turns out to be the head of the Harvard Brain Institute. He was a speaker at the event too. He says, “Bo, excuse […]

How to build a schedule that supports your success; secrets from a peak performance expert

Bo: Okay, everybody we’re back. We just finished our workout and now we’re sitting in the grand stands obviously. Tim and I are going over one of the most important things that I think there is out there. We’re talking about schedule, a concept that Tim calls Periodization. We all want to be champions. We […]

Setting long-term goals for personal development, success and a great life

OK, good to be back with you. I know I left you hanging on the last blog post, on the last video post. What we, just to review quickly, what we talked about was our twenty year plans. We are going to replace our New Year’s resolutions in our next year, with a twenty year […]