Your story lives and dies by its details.

One of my A-Listers, Dave, called this out during the VIP Q&A for my Choose Your Story, Scale Your Business Challenge that I ran in the A-Lister's Facebook Group. Dave said:

“I really would love some tips from Bo. He paints such a clear picture in his stories with incredibly specific imagery.”

Those little details matter, every single one of them. They help put people right into the story with you. So as you share your story, tell your audience what you saw, what you felt, what you heard—and even what you smelled.

There's a simple way to make this happen:

Don't just tell your story.
Instead, relive the story in front of your audience in real time, every time you share it.

That's how you get your audience invested. They'll see you risking everything, right in front of them, as you go through your experience in vivid detail. It will draw their attention like a magnet right to you.

And, as you relive your story, your audience will actually be co-creating it with you. They'll be feeling their own reactions, emotions and sensations right along with you. Together, you'll be bringing it to the world as a co-creation in real time. It's an incredibly powerful experience, both for your audience and you, the storyteller. There's nothing like it.

This is the magic of great storytelling

When you just tell your story, it gets boring fast. It begins to get rote. It feels memorized, not lived in.

When you really put yourself into the story, the audience will disappear into it with you.

They'll no longer know where they are. They won't feel like they're in a meeting. They won't feel like they're in a theater. They won't know they're at a presentation. They're caught up with the story in real time.

That creates an undeniable one-on-one connection that they'll never forget. You're no longer separate from your audience, a speaker at a podium or a square on Zoom.

You're one with your audience.

The details are a part of creating that connection, but once you commit to fully reliving that story, the details will come naturally.

Focus on the experience first, and reliving it fully. Your audience won't be able to look away.

Take Action

Take a moment and put yourself in the middle of one of the most powerful experiences of your life. What did you see? What did you feel? What did you hear? What did you smell? Share a few of those details below and let's explore together how powerful these details can be.

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