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Storytelling vs. Dumping

Bo: We’re back with Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Joan, let’s talk about the difference between storytelling and dumping because there’s a distinct difference, right? Joan: There’s a big difference. Bo: You cannot dump on your audience. Joan: No, no, in fact you don’t even want to dump on your best friend. Think of dumping as disowning. […]

Own Your Story, Own Your Life

Bo: Hey, it’s Bo and I have a very special guest with me today, and a good friend too, Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Thank you for being here. It’s amazing to have you. Every time I do an event, Joan comes to them because what I’m asking of you, in fact what I demand of you, […]

The Art of Performance

Bo: I mean we laugh a lot because our kids are, you know, …. (shakes his head) Dawn: Especially our youngest, Lyla. Bo: Yeah, they’re nuts. Dawn: She’s crazy. Bo: They’re crazy. And they’re funnier than heck. And they’ve got these wild crazy personalities that just come out. And they’re bold. Dawn: Everyone’s always like, […]

Building A Great Partnership, Part II

Bo: It’s very tricky in a relationship to be coaching your spouse. I would pretty much stay out of that. Dawn: I don’t listen to anything he says. Zero. Bo: She never does anything. She never participates. Dawn: We were laughing about this the other day. Every New Year, he loves to get these big, […]

Building A Great Partnership

Bo: The one thing about our relationship that has been true since the day we met, from when we first got married to now after 17 years, the one constant that we’ve always had is that we’re always building something. We’re building a thing all the time. Dawn: Yeah, we’re fighting for something together. Bo: […]

Get Next to Greatness

When I was a kid, my brother and I had dreams of playing pro football. I think I was 12 when my dad took us to our first pro football game. We were so excited. It was the L.A. Rams versus the Oakland Raiders and it was pre-season game. My dad got tickets and we […]

Getting Off Balance

Bo: We get asked that question all the time. Balance. People love to use that word. I think people use the word ‘balance’ so that they don’t achieve anything. I do. I think they use that word if somebody’s really successful at something. Like say somebody is a really great basketball player. People go, “Well, […]

Stop Rescuing Your Kids

Dawn: I think it’s really interesting to think about how you and your brother grew up in this small farming community. Your goal to play football was all you really had to focus on. We have these three amazing kids who are so fortunate to grow up the way they’re growing up because we’ve created […]

How To Push Yourself (and Others) Toward Greatness

I know this looks like a fancy office. It is not my office, as you know. I’m at home today. Sometimes I stay home and do work here. My wife Dawn goes crazy because we have this giant table. I mean it’s huge and it’s in the dining room. I think Vikings once sat here […]

Why Falling Down Isn’t Failure

I went through this process of eliminating stuff from my diet with my guy Tim Adams, who trains me and sets my nutrition schedule. He’s very good at what he does and a very smart guy. So we would take a week and cut out sugar. Tim would measure me before, while I was eating […]

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