Just like yours, my life is busy. I’ve got a business, a family … a life that requires me to be in top physical shape. I’ve got to be ready to perform on a high level every day. To do that, my body has to be prepared and capable of handling the load. So when I’m working out, it’s not about losing 10 pounds in 30 days.

Many years ago, I started training with Tim Adams. He’s an amazing trainer who has worked with several professional sports teams and just knows everything there is to know about getting people’s bodies activated and ready to perform at an elite level. We first started working together when I had to get ready for a 50-city tour of my play, “Runt of the Litter”. And while I was training for a specific thing, what I was really looking for was much longer term. I told Tim I wanted to be stronger and more vital on stage 20 years from now than I am today.

The first year we worked together was all about just getting my body in position to do the actual work because it wasn’t strong enough to yet. We had to map that work out by creating a serious plan because it wasn’t about the next year. It’s about the next 20.

Check out the video above to see some of the work I started out doing and listen to our conversation. Then go to my Facebook page, like it and and tell me about a pattern or a behavior you’re changing to get your body in position to come through for you 20 years from now.