When I’m training or rehearsing for a big speech or event, some of the things I do to get ready may look a little off to those who don’t know what preparation looks like. For example, in this week’s video my trainer Tim Adams and I continue ‘rolling out on a ball’ while talking about what it takes to perform at an elite level. To someone passing by, the work we’re doing may not look like much. What they don’t know is  we’re activating our muscle tissue to help our bodies handle the heaviest parts of the workout. If you saw me warm up before I speak, you’d probably scratch your head watching me move around the room, touching walls and chairs, and making a bunch of strange sounds with my voice.

In both cases, you may think to yourself, “But why? What’s the point of going through all that?”

Watch the video and pay attention around the 2-minute marker when Tim talks about pushing yourself to the edge. The only way to get better at what you do, whether it’s getting in better physical shape, elevating your performance at work or being more present in your personal life, is through consistent preparation and practice.

In Daniel Coyle’s book The Talent Code, he talks about how most of us treat practice like it’s drudgery, like it’s the last thing on Earth we want to do. But for pros, practice is the big game. It’s what matters most. I highly recommend reading that book to set the tone for how you’re going to play, not only this year, but for the rest of your life.