When someone asks me to tell a story, I tell a STORY—even when I’m doing a casual Q&A at my Personal Story Power event.

I never want to pass on an opportunity to hone my craft.

And let’s be honest: I’ve never been good at operating at anything less than 100%.

So when an audience member asked me to tell the story of how I proposed to my wife, Dawn, I approached it with my usual level of intensity.

The details are all true, by the way: Dawn’s goddess hair, Heath Ledger, etc. I couldn’t make up better ones if I tried.

And take note: It’s those little pieces that really make this story sing. Keep this in mind for the next story you tell.

I also hope this video inspires you to go all out every time the spotlight lands on you.

Take Action:

Think back to the last story you told. How well did you share those little details that really make your story come alive? Give yourself a rating from 1-10 in the comments below, and make a commitment to amp it up the next time you give it a go.

To really take your commitment to the top, check out this video in which I’ll share the three crucial steps for capturing and communicating your personal story.