We’re going to start to uncover some gold right now. When you work with me, you learn quickly that you don’t have to think because I’m not a much of a thinker. Everything is from the gut. Everything is instinctual. I just think we need less strategy in this world and more instincts. I’ll say it again: Less strategy, more instincts. What happens when you have some big strategy?

If you were going to fight Mike Tyson tomorrow, you’ve got a strategy to beat him, don’t you? Until he punches you in the face and that strategy goes right out the window. Now, what are you surviving on? Guts. Instincts.

When I work with people, they’re not taking a bunch of notes. How I train them either hits them right in the solar plexus or it doesn’t. Period. Your memory? My memory? We don’t need it. Everything stays right in our gut. We don’t need a memory anymore. It’s over.

That’s the beauty of this ‘story’ work. It’s cellular. We’re working on molecules. Who you are changes. And now you have no choice but to connect because it’s how you tell people who you really are and where you’re going.

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