A second-rate coach can’t help you, even if they sincerely want to.

Why? Because they simply don’t know what it takes to get to the top.

So if you want to be The Best, you need to find a coach whose been there, one who’s surrounded by people they’ve coached to the top, too.

In fact, I’d rather you have NO coach at all than the WRONG coach. It’s the biggest mistake I see people make.

To help you separate the second-rate coaches from the ones at the top of their game, I’ll share a few of my personal criteria in this week’s video.

One of the big warning signs I look out for is one particular word that begins with the letter S. If you hear it, run the other way.

Instead, your coach should talk about a couple of other concepts, ones I always talk about with my kids. Those are the real paths to greatness, and I would never hire a coach who doesn’t embrace them like I do. I’ll explain it all in the video above.

What are YOUR warning signs? When you’re hiring someone to work with you, such as a coach or a consultant, what’s one phrase that makes you run the other way? Share with me in the comments!