You will succeed or fail based on the stories you tell.

(If you're not convinced, watch the video, and I'll explain why.)

Now, when it comes to crafting YOUR story, there's one person who's absolutely critical to the process.

That person will be the single greatest influence on the story you're going to share with the world.

And that story is going to determine the kind of life you will live.

Who is this mysterious person? And why does he or she have so much power over you?

I'll show you in the video.

Take Action:

In the video, I ask you to take a moment and ask yourself:

What do I want to accomplish?

Take that moment right now, and write it down. Mentally put yourself there. Really feel yourself inhabiting your dream.

Then share it with me in the comments below. Make a public declaration and take the first step toward making this dream a reality. Tell me what you want to accomplish, and the community and I will cheer you on.

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