“Vulnerability” is a big buzz word these days—and with good reason.

When you expose yourself with no pretense, you’re highly watchable. You create a connection that draws your audience in and refuses to let them go.

That being said, I see a LOT of people approaching vulnerability all wrong.

When you go about it in a certain way, vulnerability can actually backfire on you. You’ll end up looking inauthentic, and you’ll probably even repel your audience.

In the video above, I’ll show you how to get vulnerable the right way, so you can use it as one of your most powerful tools for connecting with your audience.

If you’ve got kids, this strategy can help you forge an even deeper connection with them. Watch the video above, and I’ll explain.

Take Action:

Let’s get vulnerable together. Are you struggling with adding vulnerability to your presentations? There’s no shame in admitting you’re not quite there yet. Being The Best means being willing to ask for help when you need it.

Drop any questions you have about vulnerability below, and I’ll get you answers!