Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.

–Bobby Knight, legendary Indiana basketball coach

Let’s talk about rituals and routines. When it comes to a giving a great performance, I’m not someone who’s going to wing it or leave it up to the gods. I prepare to get my body free enough so it can perform.

Everybody needs to prepare for performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a gymnast, a CEO, a husband or a wife, you get rated, graded, paid or you build influence based on your performance.

Knowing that, I want to help you with a simple ritual that will help you be prepared for performance at all times. This is something I do every morning. My clients do it every morning and so do my kids.

It will show you how to activate your body so it can express itself. It will also help you harness a secret that great performers share: They all have a better relationship with the ground.

Get started with this vital ritual in my video above.

And make sure to leave me a comment! I want to hear what happens in your body when you start using this ritual.