Many of you who follow my blog know about my past life as an NFL player. I refer back to it because making that dream a reality set the foundation for how I would play in everything I pursued in life.

To play at that level meant I had to become obsessed with being the best. I wasn’t a natural fit for football. I was small and because of that no one gave me a chance so I just had to work my tail off. That mindset started when I was 9 years old and got cut from Little League. I thought, “This is never happening to me again.” That moment defined my life forever.

When my pro football career ended, I was still a young man. Acting, I decided, would allow me to take all the energy I played football with and express myself with a different kind of creativity. So I worked with the best coaches and mentors I could find, including the great Al Pacino, and eventually wrote and starred in my own play.

I didn’t know this at the time, but that play did more than just allow me to live into the dream of achieving greatness on stage. It gave me a voice. I didn’t have to wait for the phone to ring anymore. The play allowed me to create my own platform and my own business. Everything about my life changed through the telling of that story, which was triggered by my Defining Moment.

Are you connecting the dots? Your story starts with a moment — raw, vulnerable and real.

Storytelling is everything today. Just do an online search for “story” and “business” and you’ll understand quickly just how critical it has become. Why? Story, and particularly your personal story, is the tissue that connects us all to one another. It is irrefutable and undeniable. That’s why it’s so effective. There’s no line. In fact, it erases every line that divides us and brings us together.

My mission is to give you the tools critical for discovering, expressing and sharing your personal story in a way that leads to more money, fulfillment and control in your professional life.

Some of you have or will come out to California and start your journey with me live. And some of you would rather do this kind of work on your own time and from anywhere in the world. Either way, I get it. That’s why I created Personal Story Power Online. With hours of video footage, you can experience the live event without the expense of traveling. You also get writing exercises (including the ‘Defining Moment’) that are designed to help you start developing your story.

You know that your business, your relationships and your life come down to one thing — your story. It’s the most valuable thing you’ve got. Don’t let another day go by without using it to impact everyone around you.

If you’re satisfied with where you are, you don’t need this training. But if you want to play a bigger game, with more influence and freedom to do what you really want to in your business and personal life, it all starts with mastering how you express yourself.

You can learn more about what’s offered in the program here.