Each of my days starts a little differently only because I travel a lot. I speak a lot so I’m on the road, doing events here and there, and it can be difficult to be consistent. But the one thing I’m definitely consistent about is a very active start to each day. I’m moving. I want to go through some kind of warm-up. I want to get activated, especially if I have a speech. But it’s pretty much become a habit, whether I have a speech or not.

I want my body, which I view as an instrument for communication (and so is yours) activated. Our bodies are the greatest instruments ever created; yet we don’t use them very well. Why? We don’t activate them. We don’t let them get warmed up.

I always think about the best performers in the world, like Usain Bolt—the fastest man to ever run a sprint, the fastest man to ever put on a pair of track shoes in the world of all time. What does he do? Does he just walk into Olympic stadium, put his shoes on and run 100 meters? No. He warms up. He’s got a routine. He activates all the muscles in his body so that he can run faster than any other human being.

That’s how I start each day—with an activation I call the Sacred Six, which gets my body ready to communicate. We work on this constantly during my 3-day Personal Story Power Event. We work to get our bodies activated, rehearsed and ready to go. One day soon you’re going to be asked to get up in front of people and you’re not going to be ready.

Well, pros are ready. So start your day by activating your body, as well as getting great nutrition, water and all the other things we know are healthy. When I start my day I’m running at full speed. The first time people see me, I’m activated. I’m ready to go. I’m like an elite athlete who doesn’t just show up to the game. They’ve practiced and they’re ready to hit the field.

You can do the same thing. Get yourself firing on all cylinders before you’re on the bricks out there in the real world.

So tell me, how do you get activated?


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