My son Axel plays basketball and during practices he and his teammates race up and down the court. Axel wins every race because he’s training all the time and constantly working on speed. Well, one day the coach says to him, “Axel, why don’t you let someone else win?” I jumped in and said, “No, that’s not how our family operates. Why don’t you make these other boys catch up?” Wouldn’t that be a better world if they sped up instead of Axel slowing down?

How many times have you found yourself doing that in your own life? You play at a lower level for the benefit of others? I bet a lot of you have and that is just the crime of our time. Imagine what this world would look like if we all pushed each other to go higher, get better, run faster?

You become the standard bearer of where this world is going to go, how we’re going to perform, how we’re going to compete—that makes you a very valuable person in your world. That makes you very valuable to everyone around you because we’re shorthanded when it comes to people like that. Everyone else is trying to be nice and trying not to be pushy. I say, “Push.”

Tell me where you’re playing down in your life. What are you going to do to play at the level you know you’re capable of?