The energy on the first day of my Personal Story Power Event is electric. Actually, every day of it is, but there’s nothing like when you hit the stage for the first time. And the first thing I do once I’m out there is to bring everyone else up there too.

This event is for PLAYERS. No amateurs are allowed. I always tell my students that the kind of work we do isn’t for everyone and that sets the tone from the very minute this thing gets going.

That stage isn’t mine. It’s theirs. One day it will be yours.

So what happens on the first day?

We lock in on your story through writing exercises that are designed to get your creative juices flowing. I’m always so floored when I hear someone say, “Bo, I just don’t have an interesting story.”

The next thing I know they’re at my event and telling me they once swam with sharks off the coast of Australia. They don’t think that’s a story, until I ask, “Well, what made you want to swim with sharks?” And then they say, “Well, Bo, I lost all my money last year, then made it back and I just wanted to celebrate.”

No kidding, that’s really happened. But they never thought that story was interesting or could connect to their business or career.

Well, it can. That’s what this event does—it unlocks all those moments in your life that you’ve just tossed aside, but are actually full of gold. It’s the kind of gold that humanizes you and makes people want to follow you, connect with you and do business with you.

If you feel like you’re ready to join me on stage, reserve your spot NOW.