Your feet are in shoes all day and they get tight. As soon as they relax and open up, your whole body opens up. That’s what all great performers are looking for. The reason you gravitate toward them, or are attracted to them, is because the space they create is safe and secure—that’s because they don’t apologize for how they move.

Most people move on top of the ground. They’re not connected to it; they don’t use it, which is why they move the way they move. And you dismiss them, whether you know it or not, because it looks weak and apologetic.

I don’t want the people you’re in front of to ever dismiss you, whether you’re standing in line at a coffee shop or on stage in front of thousands of people. If you move with purpose, they won’t. But first you’ve got to create a relationship with the ground, which is why I warm up ahead of every time I’m on stage. Physicality is such a huge part of the live trainings I do twice a year in California because your body tells the whole story.

One of my favorite quotes is this: “When you move with purpose, you collide with destiny.”

When someone is unapologetic in how they move, you’ve got to deal with them.

After you watch the video, go to my Facebook page and tell me the thing you do when you’re apologizing. Do you cross your arms? Put your hands in your pockets? Once you’re aware of what it is, you can stop doing it.