I can always count on my community members to keep me accountable.

I did a Q&A in my A-Lister’s Facebook group and those guys asked me some TOUGH questions.

I loved it.

That might sound a little masochistic, but it fired me up to see my Warrior community demanding the Best of me. They lobbed questions at me like:

  • “I’m an actor. How does your process work in a world where The Best doesn’t always get the part?
  • “What happens if you choose the wrong declaration?”
  • “Can two people REALLY be The Best at the same thing?”

Want to hear my answers? Watch the entire Q&A above.

In the video, I’ll also reveal a mistake that Dawn and I made early in my business.

Once we realized it, we changed our mindset, and it kicked off this WHOLE thing—the play, my business, the book (which just hit national best-seller status!) . . . everything.

It can touch off something massive for you, too.

I know this is a longer video than I usually share, so to help you zero in on the content that’s going to impact you the most, I put together some bullet points around the questions, organized by time code:

Video Time Stamps by Question

9:35: What’s the one thing you do every day, without fail?

13:15: I’m an actor. How does your process work in a world where The Best doesn’t always get the part?

17:47: What if Axel wants to change his declaration? How can he be so certain at such a young age? (And can you choose the wrong declaration?)

21:25: I want to be the Best life coach. How can I get more practice on my own so I don’t need to rely on coaching another person?

26:30: I’m getting a little “squirmy” about the commitment the book asks of me. And how specific do I need to be with my declaration?

29:04: Striving for the best is reasonable enough, but what happens if two people want to be the best at the same thing? Is that even possible?

31:01: What are your best tips for creating presence on camera and in front of a live audience?

34:18: Why you need a “Dawn” in your quest to be the Best.

36:40: How do you inspire others to strive to be the Best? How do we lead our teams toward the Best mindset?

Take Action:

If you haven’t joined my Warrior community yet, what’s stopping you? I’d love to have you on my A-Lister Team!

Just like the community did for me with this Q&A, we’ll all hold each other accountable and continually challenge ourselves to be The Best. Go here to find out more.

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