If you ask people what emotions they lived in this past year, I bet fear will come up over and over.

So I wasn’t surprised when I got this question from one of the members of my A-Lister Facebook Group:

“Bo, has fear ever held you back from getting what you want?”

Of course it has.

BUT, I’ve learned to deal with fear in a very specific way. Otherwise, I never would have been able to live out my dreams of becoming an NFL player, a Broadway playwright, the Best speaker in the world—and I wouldn’t have a successful business today.

If you’ve been struggling or wrestling with fear, I’ll show you how to keep it from holding you back in this new video.

By the way, even if you haven’t had a brush with fear this year, this technique will help you clear just about any emotional obstacle in your way.

I’ll explain what I mean in the video above.

Take Action:

When was the last time you felt real fear? How did you deal with it? Share your thoughts with the community so we can learn from each other!