Do you ever feel intimidated?

If you're working in a field where the competition is tough, every day can feel like a challenge. Some days, you might even want to give up.

When I decided I wanted to be the best stage performer in the world after my NFL-career-ending knee injury, I had some serious moments of doubt.

I was starting from zero, so there were thousands of people better than me. What did I know about becoming an actor?

But here's what kept me going: I had something that other people didn't.

You can use this exact same thing to get to the top, even in the face of stiff competition. I'll share it with you in my newest video.

I'll also share with you the keys to the kingdom for competing in ANY field—the two strategies I used to go from a complete acting rookie to the star of my critically acclaimed one-man show.

With these two strategies in your arsenal, you'll be practically unbeatable.

Discover them now in the video above.

Take Action:

After hearing how I approached excelling in an extremely competitive field, I want to hear your plan.

Tell me ONE action you're going to take this week to get you one step closer to becoming the Best in YOUR field. Share with me in the comments below!

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