One of the themes I come back to a lot on this blog is leadership. I’ve always believed that to truly lead, you’ve got to feel the pulse of the culture you’re in and go the opposite direction.

So last year I came across this study that found most Western societies, including ours, are in a major transition culturally. Where we used to be a culture of honor and dignity, now we’re increasingly turning to victimhood, where people get offended or become victimized at the slightest transgression. Basically, everyone’s competing to see who can be the biggest victim.

If that’s true going the opposite direction means taking responsibility and being accountable. You must take your life into your own hands, know that you have all that power and go counter to what everyone else is doing.

Watch our culture. All you have to do is watch it because you’re part of it too. You can feel where it’s headed. I certainly do and I’m just not interested in living in a society where everything is always someone else’s fault.

We are not that way. We live the life of our dreams because we created, trusted and followed our own instincts. Leaders can’t be victims.


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