What makes the difference between a “good” speaker and an absolutely extraordinary one?

By the way, I’m sharing this with you because I know you want more. You don’t want to settle for ordinary. You want to be the Best.

And the Best storytellers set themselves apart with one strategy every time they get on stage. I’ll show you what it is in the video above, where I discuss the biggest storytelling mistakes I see with my friend, story coach, Mary Kincaid.

Now, this strategy is going to ask you to give everything you have. But it’s also going to absolutely blow your audience members away. You’ll absolutely own them while you’re on stage.

Ready to take your audience for this unforgettable ride? I’ll show you how in the video above.

Take Action:

Where are you right now as a storyteller? I want to know!

1) Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being an absolute beginner and 10 being the Best of the Best. (Be honest with me and with yourself!)

2) Where do you want to go? What are your next steps? What do you need to be able to do differently to give yourself a 10?

3) Make a public commitment, and post your answers from the first 2 questions in the comment section below.

These simple steps will get you that much closer to your ultimate goal by visualizing and seeing that next step.