Did you ever play those games at the carnival where you’re trying to knock down milk bottles with a baseball to win that giant stuffed animal?

We all know they make those games nearly impossible, so if you played, you probably lost, too. Maybe the guy running the game gave you a little one-inch stuffed St. Bernard as a consolation prize—a booby prize.

Do you remember that feeling? It’s a letdown, no question.

So this week, I want to call your attention to another booby prize: That feeling of comfort.

Comfort isn’t for people like us, the ones who want to stand on the top of the heap, knowing that we’re choosing to be world class at what we do.

In fact, getting comfortable can keep you from reaching the top. I’ll show you why in the video above.

Rate yourself. On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you right now with where you are? Take a look at your number after you watch the video. See if you need to notch things up a little so we can both stand on the top of the heap together.