A lot of people get confused by story and messaging. If you notice, I don’t use the word ‘messaging’. I know you hear it a lot, especially in politics. I think messages are for billboards and fortune cookies. I don’t use them. I use personal stuff. I come from a personal place. I look at what’s happening in the world and how it makes me feel personally. Everything is personal to me.

You hear people say all the time that business isn’t personal. Well, if your business isn’t personal, you’re going to be out of business. Business is personal. We live in a new world. Everything is personal and you’ve got to come from that place. I don’t go for messaging. I go for what affects me. How is it personal to me? The more personal it is to you, the more influence you have in the world.

Thinking outside of yourself about what kind of message you can deliver is never going to have the same kind of power. That is not authentic. That is made up. And those days are over.


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