Today let’s talk about prison, one of my favorite subject matters. We’re going to talk about prison. Who do you think has the most power in prison? Who do you think it is? Is it the warden? Is it the guards? Is it the guys who are about to get out next week or next month or even tomorrow? Do they have the most power?

Who has the most power in prison? The lifers. The people serving a lifetime sentence have the most power in prison. Why? Why do you think that is? It’s because they’re lifers. Everybody else in that prison, think of a prison right now, everyone in that prison–the warden, the guards, the people who are temporary–are getting out. They’re going home when they’re run is over. They are temporary.

The people in life, as in prison, who are temporary have no power, have no voice, have no leadership quality, and have no income power. The lifers have all the power, in prison and out of prison. Here is what happens.

You’re given a lifetime sentence. You walk into that jail cell and you have the presence of mind to hear the jail cell close and the lock slam behind you. What is that lifetime commitment? What does that mean? What does that lifer do? What’s the first thing a lifer does when he hears the door slam behind him? He begins to decorate that cell knowing he’s never going to leave those walls.

So he’s putting down roots, decorating the walls, making sure that this is going to be comfortable for the rest of his life. Now he’s got all the power. Now he’s got all the voice. Now he’s got everything he’s ever wanted because he’s never going away.

Right now I want you to think of your life, where you’re a lifer. I’ll promise you production. Where you’re temporary I’ll promise you no production, no happiness, no nothing. Think of your life where you’re temporary, where you’re dating, where you’ve got one foot in and one foot out. You have no power.

Now I want you to imagine your life as a lifer–where you’re in the relationship, or you’re in the business, or you’re in the commitment of the expression of who you are for the rest of your life. Now you’ve got power. Now you’ve got a voice because you know you’re never going away. I love things that are forever.

My wife and I got married 16 years ago. We had a mentor of mine actually teach us about marriage when we first wanted to get married. The first thing he told us was this story, this metaphor about being a lifer in a marriage.

He gave the prison example. He said “Bo, this is what I want marriage to look like to you. I want you to experience walking into that marriage as if it is a jail cell. I want you to hear the door close behind you and lock knowing you’re never leaving this room, this cell called marriage. The candy store and the rest of the world is now closed to you.”

When he said that, I got my whole life handed to me because now I had power, now I had this ring. Can you guys see this ring? I had this ring and I’ll never forget the preacher man when we got married saying that this ring never ends. It just keeps going and going and there is no end to this ring–meaning there is no end to my marriage.

I go, “Good, I like that kind of thing.” I like when things are forever. So right now I want you to think of your life where you’re temporary and I’ll promise you no production. Now think of your life where you are a lifer and I will promise you success, voice, power, production, income levels through the roof. That’s how it goes.

I want you to begin to surrender to this love affair of forever, of being a lifer. It’s your job. That’s what I want you doing from now on. If you’re listening to this communication from some other platform, I always want you to return to for all the fun stuff, for the deep stuff, for more of this kind of talk, because I want you to surrender to being a lifer today so that we can find out your true voice.

So that we can find out what kind of power this animal actually has, because if you’re temporary we’ll never know and that’s a shame. That’s a crime that we never get to know what this animal is made of. So surrender to a lifetime of the expression of you. A lifetime of a relationship, a lifetime of a relationship with the story that you must tell. So get out there. Be a lifer.

I’ll see you at We’ll talk real soon.