First off, you’ve got to find the story. It’s in your memories. Look at your life between ages 9 and 12. Don’t look for stories that make you proud. Find the moment when there were no answers. Maybe you got cut from Little League or were dumped at the prom.

When were you rejected? And then what did you decide to do afterward?

Those are great defining moments, which are what creates the catalyst for your story. You may have defining moments beyond that age range. In fact, of course you will because your life keeps evolving. But start by looking in that timeframe because your emotions are so high that the decisions you make are very meaningful and can create a theme for the rest of your life.

Second, the expression of your story has to be physical. We have to embed those written words so they’re attached to your molecules. That’s so important because it transforms those words into actions.

If you look up ‘actor’ in the dictionary, it doesn’t say ‘Actor: Someone who emotes’ or ‘Actor: Someone who says a thing’. That’s not what an actor is; the definition of an actor is someone who participates in an action. Words need action attached to them. The only way you can attach action to them is to internalize what you’re saying. Rehearse them so much that they become part of your body, just like a dance.

The third thing is you have to be generous with how much you’re going to give to that story and how much you’re going to give to your audience. Most people stay in a comfort zone because they don’t want to embarrass themselves or risk anything so they play it safe. I’m asking you to push beyond your current capacity. See how generous you can be with your spirit. How much can you give to your audience or to the listeners of your story?

Try doing these three things to start developing your story and then use it to make an impact in your business, family, and community. Remember, this is your most valuable asset. It’s the most powerful thing you’ve got.

Make sure you come back here next week because I’ve got a special announcement about my October 2018 Personal Story Power Event.