I wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am, without my wife, Dawn, and the strength of our relationship.

I wouldn’t have the business I have. I wouldn’t have the three amazing kids I have. I simply wouldn’t have the life I have.

At a recent event, one of our audience members asked Dawn and me how we make it all happen.

The answer actually made me choke up a little. It all boils down to two words, one you’ll hear Dawn repeat and one that comes from me.

When we can be The Best in our relationships, it sets us up to be The Best in all aspects of our lives. Watch the video to discover what it takes.

Who’s helping you be your Best? When you’re on this quest, you just can’t go it alone. Call out one or two people who have supported you on your journey in the comments. Let’s celebrate your team together!

One more note: Author Benjamin P. Hardy recently joined me for my mastermind group, The Best, and he did an excellent write-up on the difference between being a fan and going pro for Inc. magazine.

Sometimes, we unconsciously put ourselves down by making ourselves fans of other speakers, writers, athletes, etc. If you want to be The Best, you have to position yourself as a peer. Benjamin lays it out really well in his article, and I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you need a reminder to recommit to yourself.