I’m the youngest of five kids.

I’ve done three marathons.

I started my dream business in my 40s.

These details may sound simple, but they can become the start of your story.

In fact, they can become the guts and the emotional core of a powerful narrative that makes people pay attention.

When you find that one cool detail about you, it’s something that will simply arrest the room. It kicks off your story like a rocket ship, and it makes people listen to every word that follows.

Think about it right now: What’s one cool thing about you?

Recently, my team and I held another all-virtual Personal Story Power Event. Together, my students and I created some seriously powerful stories based on these cool details.

I want to share one example with you, from Dr. Farah Sultan. Watch her talk about her cool things in the video above (and hear my coaching around them!) to get some inspiration for finding the emotional start of your personal story.

Take Action:

What are some of the coolest things about you?

Share in the comments below and let’s celebrate them together.