My goal today is to inspire you.

I want to show you exactly what a compelling personal story looks like so you can realize what’s possible when you truly commit.

This one comes from my Mastermind member, Kevin Ward.

It all starts in a playground on the first day of third grade, when a kid with thick dishwater blonde hair walks up to Kevin.

The kid says, “Hey, wanna fight?”

Watch the video above to see what happened next.

One more thing: Every now and then, I get someone who comes up to me and says, “Bo, I’m just not sure I have much of a story to tell.”

Kevin’s story is proof that the most unexpected events of your life can act as compelling raw material to draw from. Watch the video above and you’ll see what I mean.

I also want to share with you the results of Kevin’s story: When he started working with me, he was sleeping on his couch. He started telling his story and he found himself making $100,000 in a week. Then he had a $100k DAY. Pretty impressive, right? That’s the power of a personal story.

Take Action:

What was your favorite part of Kevin’s story? For me, it’s the intensity he uses when he says the words, “Hey, wanna fight?” Share your top moment with me in the comments below!