Life is a series of choices.

And when you’re chasing your dream of being the Best, those choices can get tough.

Sometimes you have to choose between things like hitting happy hour with a friend or heading home to work on your personal story as you promised yourself you would.

I’m gonna be blunt with you. When you choose the easy path, the one that doesn’t move you any closer to becoming the Best, you’re just sabotaging yourself before you even get started.

Look, we all need a little inspiration along our journey to keep making the right choices.

So, this week, I’ve turned the camera on the most motivated, focused 12-year-old I know: my son, Axel.

In this interview with my wife, Dawn, you’ll hear Axel touch on this topic. You probably haven’t met a 12-year-old who’d rather train for his dream than go to a birthday party.

But when you hear Axel talk, I think you’ll understand why he chooses how he does.

Watch the video—and use it to reconnect with your own dream. When those tricky decisions pop up, you’ll find it easier to make the choices that keep you on the path to becoming the Best.

Take Action:

Think ahead to your coming week. What’s ONE choice you’ll make to move your dream forward?

Name it in the comments—and commit to making it happen, no matter what else comes up. I want to hear from you!

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