People always ask me Bo why the best? Why are you always talking about the best? Why all the time? My 9 year old daughter Eloise she came to me the other day and she said, “Dad, why are you always talking about the best? Why do we have to be the best?” I’ll tell you why. It’s a very simple short answer.

I talk about being the best and I talk about YOU being the best, because that’s what you already are. The people who are the closest to their nature will lead this world going forward. The people who are the furthest from their nature will have to follow us. I want us close and related and to have an intimate relationship with our own nature.

So, let’s think about this. Let me ask you a question, do you remember the day of your conception? I asked this question the other day and 2 ladies raised their hands they go, “Yeah I do remember.” I was like, “Really, because I don’t remember that day and most people don’t.” But let me just remind you of what happened on the day of your conception.

300 million sperm were released on that day, 300 million sperm, you were one of them, were released on the day of your conception. Those 300 million sperm with millions and millions of years of design and evolution and instinct teach 300 million sperm to swim their ass off, to infiltrate that egg, to penetrate that egg. Millions of years of design, it’s undeniable. You were one of them. 

300 million to 1 odds that you win that race yet let me ask you a question, who won that race? Who won that race on the day of your conception? You. You, me, we won the race. What if I told you today, what if I said hey guess what, you’re going to run a race today. You’re going to race against 300 million other people, so the odds of your winning are 300 million to 1.

Would you take those odds? Would you run that race, you probably wouldn’t, because the world doesn’t speak to you with the greatness that you are. The world doesn’t speak to you as if you are the best, yet you are. I speak to who you are really are. The media, Hollywood, politicians, Washington D.C. leadership, speaks to who you are not.

I speak to who you are and you are the best, way before I met you. 300 million to 1 odds, who won the race? Who has the gold medal around their neck? YOU. That’s why I talk about being the best. So, when my daughter Eloise comes home, she goes, “Dad, I told the girls at school,” she is in 4th grade, “I tell all the girls at schools that you said we’re the best and always be the best at what we do. They said that’s conceited

I said, “Do you want me to have a little chat with the 4th grade girls about sperm?” I could have just imagine after I said that, what that school would think of me. I would be arrested for having these kinds of conversations.

But I’m talking to you. This is true. You’re the best. You’re one time phenomenon. You’re the best. My dad woke me up every single morning of my life till the day he died, rubbed my back told me I was the best. Then he dropped a couple of expletives which I can’t repeat. He would rub my back, he would whisper in my ear, keep moving partner, you’re the best in there and God darn it, you’re the best.

I say it to my kids today, my dad said to all my sisters and my brother and me until one day we believed him. We became the best. We surrendered to who we already are. We surrendered to our nature. That is your job. The people that are the closest to their nature and actually accept their own nature, their own animal instincts, raw.

Why are we put in this earth? Why are we here? We’re here to connect. We’re here to procreate. We’re here to run fast and hunt. So, if that’s why we’re here let me ask you about your day. How much of your day are you spending running fast, procreating, co-creating, hunting and connecting? How often are you doing that?

This is what this community does. We are close to our nature. We accept it. We accept that we’re dangerous predators. That’s who we are. We’re predators. Think of a cheetah, think of a lion, think of a grizzly bear, think of a falcon, think of a killer whale, think of a great white shark, predators, lethal, dangerous but beautiful. They know what they want. They know what they need.

We are 10 times more dangerous than all of those predators that I just mentioned. We’re the most dangerous predator on the earth, yet we spend all of our lives pretending that we’re not, yet we are. We are predators and we are the best. So, you start to think about that. You start to accept who you really are. If you want to lead this world, you better get in touch with your nature. Got it?

Most of the people that I train a huge part of it, is this whole predator piece because that’s how I was trained. I was trained to be a predator on stage, in front of the camera, all the time so that people don’t have the ability to look away from you. That’s what I want for you. I want nobody to have the ability to look away from you.

Well to do that you’ve got to access your raw animal instincts and the danger, and the efficiency that you possess. You have to accept it and quit listening to Washington D.C. Quit listening to the media. Quit listening to books that are being published, and newspapers. What are they all saying? They’re all saying no, predators are bad. You should be nice. Yeah, how is that working out? That isn’t working out for them.

They want you to be nice so they can lead you. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in YOU leading, YOU surrendering to being the predator that you already are. YOU taking on this one time phenomena that you are, 300 million to 1 odds. You tell me who can beat you? Nobody. Nobody can beat you.

You’ve got it. So, take that on today, you take onto the world every day. People start talking; you watch how people talk to you. They talk as if you’re not the best. In reality nature tells us that you are the best. Statistics show us that you’re the best. That’s all I care about. That’s all I’m interested in is who you really are.