Tim: I always come back to the point where I’m trying to educate people on the importance of joint inter-segmental stability and this is one of the best ways to create that stability. The workout we’re doing today is one of the best ways to create that stability. When you’ve done the preparation to create that stability and you go to do the heavier work, you’ll be firing on all cylinders. It’s effortless. It’s easy. You just show up and it becomes easy. You can’t make it easy unless you’ve done the work to get stable. That involves learning the techniques and refining the skills we’re going through today.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a great way to make it fun. But what I find is the greats never ask that question. Every one of my athletes who are exceptional, marquee superstars who are all-pros, win MVP awards; the guys that are the best at what they do and used to grinding never question it.

Bo: Isn’t that a lesson right there? For the audience, I keep wanting to ask, “Tim, why are we doing this?” But when you work with the best, you don’t have to question why. They don’t do anything that doesn’t work. The best don’t do things just to do things.

Tim: That’s such a great insight because everything I do has a purpose, and it’s placed strategically, in a certain position, within the workout, within the week, within the year, to create a very specific adaptation that’s going to allow you to do something greater tomorrow. It’s going to allow you to do something greater next week, in a month, two months, a year or five years from now.

Bo: People don’t trust authority or a coach or a teacher because the people they have in place aren’t very good. There’s a reason there’s distrust. There’s a disconnect; that’s why I always say you’ve got to surround yourself with the best so you can give over or surrender your trust. That person isn’t going to take you through anything that doesn’t mean something down the line.

For more of my conversation with Tim, watch the video above and let me know what part of it really hit home. Are you looking at how you work out in a new way? Beyond working out, how are you going to change your environment so only the best are surrounding you?

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