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Raise the Bar

My son Axel plays basketball and during practices he and his teammates race up and down the court. Axel wins every race because he’s training all the time and constantly working on speed. Well, one day the coach says to him, “Axel, why don’t you let someone else win?” I jumped in and said, “No, […]

Dump the Distractions

I hear this all the time, “Bo, I can’t do what you’re asking me to do because I don’t have your kind of focus or I don’t have your discipline.” And then they just decide they don’t have focus and discipline—and that’s it. The fact of the matter is I don’t have any more focus […]

How to Break through Barriers

The first thing I do when I take the stage, whether at one of my events or someone else’s, is get my audience’s mindset focused. I want them to be ultra present throughout the next 60 minutes or 24 hours or 3 days; however long they’re with me for. But no matter what we’re doing, […]

Surround Yourself with The Best

Tim: I always come back to the point where I’m trying to educate people on the importance of joint inter-segmental stability and this is one of the best ways to create that stability. The workout we’re doing today is one of the best ways to create that stability. When you’ve done the preparation to create […]

Consistency in Practice

When I’m training or rehearsing for a big speech or event, some of the things I do to get ready may look a little off to those who don’t know what preparation looks like. For example, in this week’s video my trainer Tim Adams and I continue ‘rolling out on a ball’ while talking about […]

Training for the Next 20 Years

Just like yours, my life is busy. I’ve got a business, a family … a life that requires me to be in top physical shape. I’ve got to be ready to perform on a high level every day. To do that, my body has to be prepared and capable of handling the load. So when […]

Choosing The Best

Think about your relationship to practice—that is what separates the amateurs from pros. The center of our world, our communities, our families and ourselves is about practice, is about rehearsal and running all those miles. That is the center of our universe. It is our big game. It is the big show. I can promise you […]

Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid

Bo: Mary, let’s talk about mistakes. Give me the ones that really jump out. Mary: Being a reporter is a mistake. Telling your story like you’re a reporter and you’re just reporting the things that happened like, “This happened and then this happened”; that is plot but that’s only one part of what makes up […]

Doing Business with Your Story

Bo: “People’s businesses, does their story have to line up with their business?” Mary: My opinion is if you are on your life journey, if you have discovered that place where you’re doing the work that you want to continue doing—it may grow, shift and change, as you grow, shift and change—but you feel like […]

The 3 Elements Your Story Must Have

Bo: What are the top elements you look for in a good story? Mary: There are always three things I’m looking for—because one of the things people come to me for is figuring out which story to tell. Number one is it has to be something that makes you vulnerable. The one that you don’t […]