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I always look to the best when I want inspiration. Steven Pressfield, as far as I’m concerned, is the greatest living writer. When I need inspiration I read Steven Pressfield, whether it’s The War of Art or Turning Pro or The Warrior Ethos. I don’t need to read much. I can read a paragraph or […]

How to Start Your Day on Fire

Each of my days starts a little differently only because I travel a lot. I speak a lot so I’m on the road, doing events here and there, and it can be difficult to be consistent. But the one thing I’m definitely consistent about is a very active start to each day. I’m moving. I […]

Why Greatness Is Your Birthright

Being the best is a very scary proposition. I talk about being the best a lot because it’s always been my quest—no matter what discipline I’m entering. But it’s more than that. I think being the best is our natural disposition. Let me explain. I’ve never met a person who said, “I’d like to be […]

Preparing Young People to Lead

For you young people out there, who are leaders, but no one’s handed you the baton yet, the only way to lead is to do it with how you see the world. And the only way to know how you see the world is for you to tell your perspective of it—you have to tell […]

How to Time Your Story When Giving a Speech

The length of your personal story should be equivalent to the length of your speech. Let me explain. Most of the speeches I do are 90 minutes. So if you have a 90-minute speech, you can have a 16- or 17-minute story. But let that story breathe a bit. You have 90 minutes. You don’t […]

How to Connect on Camera

As a speaker, you’re used to speaking in front of people, right? There’s an automatic connection you make to human beings. But what happens when you’re doing a webinar or talking to a camera like I’m doing today and there’s no one to talk to? You’ve got to connect through the lens, or if you’re […]

Accessing Emotions through Story

When you tell a story you’ve already resolved, there’s no emotion. Actually, that’s not true. You may have resolved your story. You may have some relationship from the past that you’ve resolved through story. That’s still a good story. Why? Before I answer that, let me tell you I’ve had to resolve all the stories […]

The Difference Between Storytelling and Messaging

A lot of people get confused by story and messaging. If you notice, I don’t use the word ‘messaging’. I know you hear it a lot, especially in politics. I think messages are for billboards and fortune cookies. I don’t use them. I use personal stuff. I come from a personal place. I look at […]

Go with Your Gut

One of the themes I come back to a lot on this blog is leadership. I’ve always believed that to truly lead, you’ve got to feel the pulse of the culture you’re in and go the opposite direction. So last year I came across this study that found most Western societies, including ours, are in […]

The Look of Leadership

Something happened to me recently that turned out to be a huge learning moment. If you follow me on the blog or on social, you know my son Axel has a dream of becoming an NFL quarterback so I surround him with the very best coaches to help him fulfill that dream. He has the […]