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Moving with Purpose

Your feet are in shoes all day and they get tight. As soon as they relax and open up, your whole body opens up. That’s what all great performers are looking for. The reason you gravitate toward them, or are attracted to them, is because the space they create is safe and secure—that’s because they […]

Getting Reckless on Stage

The audience doesn’t want to see you be perfect on stage. What we really want to see is your humanity. So when you’re rehearsing your story, it’s not to get every word right, it’s to attach the essence of your story to your molecules. So that it’s inside of you. By the time you’re on […]

Training Your Kids on Leadership

Every summer I talk to thousands of high school students who want to become doctors, scientists and technologists. They don’t just want to go into those professions—they want to lead them. I share why mastering the expression of their personal story is crucial to achieving greatness in every part of life. You’ll hear some of […]

How to Use Your Nerves

Dawn: What’s the biggest mindset tip you have to get past being nervous? Nerves really help him. The more nervous he is and the higher the stakes the better he does, but not everyone is like that. I think I would just freak out. The higher the stakes, I would just be done. I don’t […]

The Secret to Rehearsal

Dawn: I just want you to share a little bit about how you rehearse. People have such a hard time with this and go, “Gosh, I can’t get in the habit of rehearsal,” “Or how do I rehearse? Do I need a theater like this to rehearse?” Or a it’s at a special time, and […]

What To Do Before Hitting the Stage

Dawn: Can you tell them a little bit about what you do before an event, like the Personal Story Power Event or a speech? What do you eat? What time do you like to get to the venue? What you do first? Bo: When you’re on stage, especially when it’s like eight hours a day, […]

Why Preparation is the Game

Dawn: I’m going to ask Bo some questions that could benefit all of you about our process, what we’ve done and how we work together as a team. Also, just different things as far as preparation when he does speeches or events. So when I get you a speech, what is the first thing you […]

Dealing with Distractions

Bo: We’re here with Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Joan, I’ve got this one quote that I’ve known for 15, 16, 17 years and it always makes sense to me and hits me in the solar plexus. It’s from a book called Wild at Heart by an author named John Eldredge. I can’t remember if it’s Eldredge […]

Pursuing The Best vs. Becoming Obsessed

Bo: Okay, we’re here talking with Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Joan, let’s flip the tables again here. Do you have a question? Joan: I do. We’ve been engaged in this discussion about the difference between being obsessed and being the best. So how do you differentiate the two? Bo: Wow. I often use the term “obsessed” […]

Dealing with Emotion on Stage

Bo: All right, we’re here with Dr. Joan Rosenberg and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to turn the tables. And Joan is going to ask me a few questions. Okay, here we go. Go, Joan. Joan: So, Bo, I know a lot of men come up to you and they are […]